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<nettime> Quick update from #DirenTurkiye #OccupyGezi
Orsan Senalp on Fri, 7 Jun 2013 00:50:54 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Quick update from #DirenTurkiye #OccupyGezi

Sultan I. Erdogan insists on the projects for Taksim, get things
personal like his processors Ben Ali. Mubarak, El-Assad, en
AbdelHamid....  and with his aggression, over-rules  the moderate
approach shown by Gul (President) and Arinc (Deputy Prime Minister) in
his absence (BTW these two are Gulen's men). Tayyip Sultan being
rejected in Tunis and Morocco, protested and critiqued returns to the
town with anger.

Police attacks with gasses and water cannons in Ankara just before his
arrive, at workers striking in solidarity with protesters... in
reaction in Ankara  tens of thousands people gathers marching all over
 right at the moment revolting in peace, to welcome the Tayyip Sultan.

In Istanbul, Taksim also many tens of thousands are gathering to give
a warm welcome to the Sultan

The I. Ottoman Empire came out of a small Beylik near Byzantium, The
Beylik spread to Anatolia and Balkans, from there to Middle East, and
North Africa... this took 700 years.... New Ottomans under the rule of
Tayyip Sultan the Little, now meets with a very new Beylik, a nomad
entity, that was founded near Taksim in a small but symbolic park...
in one day she spread to  entire Istanbul and took over Atolia by the
second day. When the third day started it already spread to Balkans
and Europe, and even got linked to Latin and North Americas and Asia..
During the the rise of Capulcular, New Ottoman's media was showing a
documentary about the penguins of Antarctica... .

Things are likely to evolve in the direction that the momentum shall
rise for Capulcular Movement. Capulcular might be able to synthesis
Arab Spring, Greek revolt, and the 15M and Occupy style resurgence,
And they could be a bridge opening the revolution, or spreading the
revolt to the inner Asia, Russia, Iran, India, Bangladesh and, who
knows may be. hopefully, to China! Where ordinary working people are
being slaughtered in their workplaces!

Will all the Capulcular of the world Unite?

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