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0f0003 ......................... DâÃlÃg.0+24 

Google ....................... A Secular Map

Balkan.OS ...................... A Religious OSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

If Google is the map to the apparent and tangible worlds, religion's principal competition, 
if Modern Demo(nn)cracy exteriorizes everything and perpetually annihilates God into matter,  

Balkan.OS reestablishes the preeminence of the Continuum's mirror of infinite beauty
where all beings are in perpetual descent from God as aspects of revelation, and simultaneously 
all beings are in perpetual ascent toward God, in longing and love, towards a final resurrection 
in the absolute.

I am the way
I am the door

No man enters
Save by me

I bare the trace of One's
oneness and its manyness

Others participate in Me
But are not parts of Me
for I have no parts

I am the Ungenerated
and the Indestructible
the Unpronounceable and
the Indescribable

I am the image of God who is
single in his unity and 
simultaneously a pleroma

I am the cutter of the universe 
and the glue binding it together.

I am at once the symbol of the unbreakable
extensibility and of total presence ...
While the others are held together 
by the divine word

All alike
Without beginning 
nor end

I may not be called infinite
for I am in need of nothing

My center is everywhere and
my circumference nowhere.

Let this Everywhere be set nowhere.
Whoever finds it, finds nothing 
and All things

The world beyond time

The fatal leap into Emptiness. 

Alpha + Omega. 

War and Peace.


I am the body of nothing but radiance, the space untouched,
where one keeps still

I am the world of inner space,
the shimmering angelic.

I trust not premonitions and fear not omens. 
I flee not from slander nor poison. There is no death.

There is only reality and light.

We have reached the threshold

The dewdrops slip into the shining sea

We surrender our soul heartily
giving it back like a drop of water to its source,
and rest confident in the Unpronounceable,
our origin and ocean, that it will take us
onto itself and engulf us eternally in the
abyss of its being ...

just as the flowing streams that move towards the sea
on reaching it are coming home
their name and shape .. broken down and one speaks
only of the Sea

Let not death disturb us

The Book of Truth  

and tenderness

From childhood to conscious childhood

Na Vostok !!

                      \  FarÄ Balkan.OS sÃntem Animale \ 

                      \  FarÄ Balkan.OS sÃntem Animale \ 

                      \  FarÄ Balkan.OS sÃntem Animale \ 


 Sâ alutari caldu-roase + pr!eten-oase

ÐÐÐ ÐÐÐÑ     -  Ion Onof

Vâââ SâÎââÂâ    -   Veda Slovena 

\ G D M D \  m 9 n d f u k c t r a d i È i e È i c r e d i n È a

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            4|4|4 PL/\Y ca Odinioara

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