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Re: <nettime> dark days
Keith Hart on Wed, 12 Jun 2013 14:36:25 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> dark days

I don't know why what Daniel Ellsberg described as the most significant
leak ever should lead you to despair. European governments are challenging
the Obama administration, the response within the US will be heavier. The
campaign to loosen the grip of the Silicon Valley internet monpolists is
bound to be strenghtened. Is it better not to know that to know the extent
of the surveillance state?

Orsan Senalp wrote in while I was writing this. posted this on:

Numbers are growing.. yesterday there were more than
a million people in Taksim Sqaure. Now more fighting back on the streets
in almost all the cities.
Please spread the word, show your solidarity, join in the streets,
squares, assemblies in your country, use online channels, twitter,
facebook, whatever... contribute in anyway you can to build and links
our revolt globally. It might be the turning point to start an
offensive to build the new worlds we have been dreaming about...
This might be be a turning point not only for Turkey, but also for
Europe, for US, for Asia, for Syria, the Middle East, the greater
Middle East, (even for Antarctica)..

Whatever else happens, this is mass insurrection. And international support
makes a different. The uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East and
elsewhere took heart from OWS in the belly of th ebeast, even if neither
have yet "succeeded". OK, he's excited, but he sure doesn't think it's all
a foregone conclusion. Defeatism begins when people predict the worst and
give up. But it's not about predicting who will win, rather about choosing
sides and doing your best for your side.

It is significant that after Eastern Europe imploded, the action has now
moved to W. Europe's Southern and Southeastern neighbours. Of course there
is every reason for Western Europeans to feel despondent. The game is up
for them. But don't rule out the rest of the world, even the Americans.

It's just bad historical sociology to suppose that repression is an
infallible tool of political dominance. Tocqueville asked himself why the
French revolution happened and found four answers. The spread of
Enlightenment ideas of freedom through printing; a rigid system of social
stratification; economic improvement for many; and repression (rather than
taking the lid off the pressure cooker).

I think this has been quite a good week for a Tocquevillean.



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