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Re: <nettime> Do we still engage?
ari on Sun, 23 Jun 2013 22:52:48 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Do we still engage?

Do we still engage?

Do we still engage with Sartre?


Do we still read Derrida?


Do they speak to us?

Probably, but who's listening?

Does Heidegger speak to us?

He never did.

Does Husserl?

Sometimes unintentionally.

Is Hegel still critical to our thinking?

Of course.

Does anyone read Sartre?

Read him all in my late teens - early 20s.

Does anyone think through Derrida?

Not unless there are better things to do, and there always seem to be.

Do we think we've absorbed Badiou? Is Badiou important?

Definitely not.

Is Shestov?

Probably, google says he influenced Bataille. Will read him, thanks.

Is philosophy dead or dying?

Is there a n/a option?

Is thinking philosophically still important?

We don't get to choose this one.

Does anyone read Plotinus?

Even on facebook.

Does St Augustine speak to us?

Anyone with confessions to make has to.

Is Descartes necessary?

More necessary than free for sure.

Have we absorbed Spinoza?

Not a choice in the matter. He lives in us all.

Are we the better for Kristeva?

I don't know.

Is Butler still relevant?

Relevant is a relative concept.

Is Russell?

See above.

Have we absorbed Wittgenstein?

yes, and regurgitated him out, as he would have wished.

Do we still engage with Reichenbach?

Will do now you mention.

Is Latour still important?

He will be when we're curing our hangover from postmodernism (hopefully soon)

Have we gone beyond Carnap?

Never was there in the first place. He was just a cop.

Is Peirce relevant?

More and more so as pragmatism becomes the unspoken assumption behind everyone's actions in the world.

Does anyone read James?


Have we buried Marx?

In a beautiful cemetery where you need to pay expensive tickets to get in. But many still climb over the fence at night.

Does anyone think through Freud?

It was always the other way around.

Is Arendt still necessary?

Was she? And if she wasn't? Do you propose we burn her books?

Are we still inspired by Jung?

We all need simple minds reminding us of the simple things in life sometimes.

Do we relate to Plato?

Only on a one-to-one basis

Is our world Aristotelian?

I think we've answered that one a few centuries ago. The Vatican was upset.

Is Nietzsche still necessary?

unfortunately yes.

Has philosophy disappeared?

The world of appearances never suited it.

Have people read Thom?

No. What do you suggest?

Has Mill disappeared?

Father or son?

Is Confucius fundamental?

To some things if such thing is possible.

Do we still grapple with Hobbes?

Never did. He wasn't one for body fights.

Is Kant still an inspiration?

Only if you ignore his disciples.

Are there answers to questions?

See above.

Do we still learn from Kierkegaard?

Yes, how to be a good atheist.

Is Lacan still read?

Thanks to some celebrities, more than he deserves.

Does Maimonides speak to us?

I don't know. Not heard from him.

Have we abandoned Fanon?

Are you kidding? Can't get away from him these days!

Does anyone think through Kofman?

Not me.

Is there any reason to consider Hui Shi?

You tell us.

Has Zhuangzi turned the world upside down?

Maybe, someone must have!

Does Parmenides offer solace?

solace no... amusement yes, for giving Plato his biggest headache.

Does anyone read Goodman any more?

May be useful to digital natives.

Do we still engage with Bachelard?

Why not?

Is Balibar important?

I've heard he is.

Is philosophy important?

We don't get to choose on this matter.

Do we consider West?


Is Ranciere dead?

If he is, the grave's got loud speakers.

Does Althusser still speak to us?

Yes, when a Marxist talks old rubbish.

Is the thought of Merleau-Ponty important to anyone?

I can think of a few good people...

Is there anything to learn anymore from philosophy?

Pierre Hadot answers this beautifully.

 Do we still read Trotsky?

The question should be 'why' here...

 Is Grene still relevant?

I don't know. Anything to suggest?

Have we absorbed Cassirer?

Probably he's the only disciple of Kant worth engaging with but absorbing ... would be unimaginative.

Is philosophy of science science?

Stupid question.

Is philosophy of science necessary?

To scientists, always.

Do we still read Langer?


Is thought important?

Are opposable thumbs important?

Is untethered thought necessary?

Is breathing unpolluted air necessary?

Is philosophy tethered?

Thought was born free, but is everywhere in chains.

Are we engaged with de Beauvoir?

No, she wouldn't marry me.

Do we remember Deleuze?

Not made to remember, more to matter.

Do we consider Guattari?

Tried to but he wasn't that bothered about it.

 Do Deleuze and Guattari offer solace?

Just a bit of company on occasions.

Is there any value in reading Lyotard?

There has been.

Have we forgotten Kripke?


Have we ever comprehended Baudrillard?

Was that ever the point?

Is there any point to philosophy?

Does philosophy worsen us?

Worsen is a relative concept. If solace or guidance is what you're looking for, then yes.

Is it necessary to think philosophically?

See above. We don't get a choice in the matter.

Is it relevant to abandon philosophy?

see above.

Have we taken Lao Tzu to heart?

He has taken us to heart.

Are we trusting Agamben?

Why? Is he trying to sell you a new broadband plan?

Have we forgotten Schopenhauer?

Never, life is still a pendulum oscillating between tediousness and pain.

Do we still read Schelling critically?

If we didn't read him for the purpose of criticising something interesting might happen.

 Is Heraclitus still inspiring?

Yes. most people still fear change.

Can our lives be guided by Pascal?

Wouldn't go that far.

Are we informed by Whitehead?

Only about Whitehead's close circle.

Do we comprehend the depth of any thought?

Not 'any'. only the thought worth plunging into.

Do we take thought to heart?

Some more than others.

Do we still engage with Lucretius?


Do we still read Irigaray?

Not after meeting her.

How do we know?

Now you know.


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