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Re: <nettime> invitation to the Networked Labour email list
Orsan Senalp on Fri, 12 Jul 2013 16:15:42 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> invitation to the Networked Labour email list

Dear comrades,

The international seminar Networked
(http://www.networkedlabour.net/) is initially supported by Networked
Politics <http://www.networked-politics.info/>, transform!
europe<http://www.transform-network.org/> , Transnational Institute
<http://www.tni.org/> and IGOPNET<http://igopnet.cc/> (Institut de
Govern the Pol?tiques P?bliques) and it was held in Amsterdam between
7-9 May 2013.

Networked Politics have been an open project promoted by transform!
italia<http://www.transform.it/>, Transnational Institute ? New Politics
and IGOP <http://igop.uab.es/>, and developed in cooperation with
Euromovements<http://www.euromovements.info/>.  To provide a space for
exchange between activists, researchers and activist-researchers there
were several seminars and debates held between 2006 and 2009.  Most of
the encounters organised in parallel to the important movement-network
gatherings like European and World Social Forums and preparatory
meetings that were linked to the Forum processes. Several printed and
on-line books, an on-line library, and an on-line  ?New Politics
Dictionary? were among the concrete outcomes of the Network Politics
debate; along side the founding of initiatives like the annually held
Free Culture Forums <http://fcforum.net/>.

Our current work will be focusing on the changing worlds of labour and
production, and emerging new movements, political actors and their
politics. We will mainly be discussing these topics in relation to the
accelerating developments in the ICTs. Our hope is to create new
synergies by bringing together many contributors and observers of the
recent changes, movements, protests, and mobilisations. We hope this
will enable us  to increase our collective understanding of the new
possibilities emerging in front of us  for a radical social change.

If you are interested in joining or following this open discussion and
exchange register to our email list at this
(http://lists.contrast.org/mailman/listinfo/networkedlabour), and send a
request email (to orsan1234 at gmail dot com) to register to this
website. We are looking forward to explore the change together!

in solidarity,

Orsan Senalp

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