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<nettime> Forget Content Curation...It's Time for UNLIMITED CONTENT FUSI
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<nettime> Forget Content Curation...It's Time for UNLIMITED CONTENT FUSION!

          [Orig From: Wayne <noreply {AT} j_g_x.com>]

Hey Guys,

Are you losing traffic and ranking due to inadequate content?

Has your Content Curation fallen short of expectations 
leaving you open to Google Penguin's Wrath...

Have your profits fallen because you can't generate 
enough new information?

That's why marketing icon ____ _______ 
and ninja coder ____ _____ have created a new 
GAMECHANGING desktop content tool 
that leaves competitors in the dust...

There has never been a more powerful marketing tool 
made available to the public at such an amazing price...

Imagine being able to create Unlimited HIGH-QUALITY content 
that Google loves on 100% AUTOPILOT...

Here's just a few of the AMAZING things Rapid C_nt_nt Wizard can do...

 * Creates great NEW content with AUTOMATIC scheduling
 * Serves up RELEVANT new posts as often as you want
 * Unlimited RICH Content that is Google Penguin Friendly
 * Fully "Set and Forget" Content For LIFE...
 * Newbie friendly - Create full campaigns in just 5 clicks...

Constant demand for high quality content can leave most
marketers struggling to survive...

Rapid C_nt_nt Wizard give you the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE...

CLICK HERE to see a LIVE DEMO of this BAD BOY in action:
=> http://www._____.com/c/______/_____

To your success,


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