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<nettime> The Whole Earth -- Conference (Berlin, HKW 21/22 June 2013)
Newmedia on Fri, 19 Jul 2013 14:51:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The Whole Earth -- Conference (Berlin, HKW 21/22 June 2013)

If this was mentioned on nettime (considering that it was once the  primary 
topic of this list), I missed it -- did anyone from this "collective"  
attend and do they wish to offer a report?
>From eco-psychedelia to Internet neoliberalism: The CONFERENCE will  
revolve around questions of the legacy of the California counterculture. How did  
some of its concepts become global principles of new capitalistic ???frontiers???
?  Roundtable discussions will explore the historical sources of, and 
connections  between, discursive and political issues such as the ecological 
movement,  cybernetics, anti-conformist cultures, new artistic practices that 
dissolve  boundaries, and the transformations in these areas right up to the 
globalist  network capitalism of the 1990s. Thus, the conference investigates 
the  background conditions of the discourses that today, in the framework 
of the  Anthropocene, are being negotiated, updated, or ??? in some cases ???  
Mark Stahlman
Brooklyn NY
P.S. The event appears to keynoted by Fred Turner, whose upcoming  book 
"The Democratic Surround" I have mentioned in numerous nettime  posts.

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