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Re: <nettime> Review of Gregory Sholette's "Dark Matter" - corrected
John Hopkins on Thu, 26 Sep 2013 22:20:53 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Review of Gregory Sholette's "Dark Matter" - corrected

We go on picking the rags, but every now and again, this other social


sourcing. The archive has split open. We are its dead capital. It is
the dawn of the dead."

This blatant appeal to the use-value of our necrophilia, artistic
waste, the products of our labor and time, runs throughout an
historical text, alternately conscious of its own limitations and
brilliantly pervasive in its political critique and arts research.

Molly -- this resonates with the idea of a bio-system where there is an excess of information -- that is, too much genetic diversity -- such that the need to procreate does not sit so heavily on individual organisms and that 'creative' energy can be expressed in non-essential forms. (Think of the myriad anecdotal ways that procreating changes the (perhaps your!) expression of 'artistic' energy). This situation, the opposite to, for example, needing to breed -- 12 children so that 2 survive to sustain a clan system -- may only arise where/when there is a surfeit of energy available. It is (merely) one expression of energy glut. It will correct itself in time ... fluff of many sorts will dissipate in the entropic decline of the post-hydrocarbon world.


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