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<nettime> Anonymous movement in decline?
d.garcia on Mon, 6 Jan 2014 16:17:15 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Anonymous movement in decline?

To add to Florian's suggestion that Anonymous has moved offline- I would also ask whether Anonymous are (as the article suggests) truly as counter-public ? 
I would argue that the heart of Anonymous together with the Guy Faukes masked army are a repudiation of the concept of a 
counter-publics, defined as "articulating alternatives to a wider public". In its place we have, perhaps, what has been called the 'majoritarian turn' 
in activism signified by the iconic slogan -We Art the 99%- which proudly re-assumes the old mantel of the BIG WE or a wider public. 

This is in marked contrast to an earlier phase of the anti-globalisation movement which projected an image of a mass convergence of the great 
variety of tribal identities and a celebration of difference. Has the concept of 'counter publics' as a multiplicity of exceptional entities and identities 
given way to something more closely reflected in the 'Indignatio' manifesto which began by a declaring that "we are ordinary people" thus marking the 
beginning of a possible phase shift in the culture of radical protest movements in which to be radical no longer necessarily to be controversial ? 


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