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Keith Sanborn on Sat, 18 Jan 2014 05:13:15 +0100 (CET)

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   Date: January 15, 2014 at 6:20:11 PM EST
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   Subject: [mfalist] More Rotterdam
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   For any of you who might happen to be in the vicinity, there will be a
   day-long symposium (10h-16h) on Monday January 27 around the exhibition
   called Post-Script (in which I have a piece) at the Piet Zwart Institute
   featuring talks by Rick Prelinger, Pablo Sigg, and yours truly.
   Here the official press release:
   Dates: Monday 27th January
   Doors Open at 10:30 and lectures begin at 11:00
   A symposium organized by the Piet Zwart Institute, Creating 010 & The
   43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam Location: Karel Doormanhof 45
   3012GC Rotterdam
   POST SCRIPT is a symposium exploring contemporary approaches to
   narrative.  Organized within the context of the IFFR, the Master Media
   Design and Communication programme, in collaboration with Creating 010,
   has invited significant moving-image artists and filmmakers to talk
   about their work and strategies of representing stories. 
   Working with new and archival material, montage and found footage, these
   contemporary practices employ the languages of art, cinema, theatre,
   documentary and fiction in unexpected ways. 
   Rather than being driven by conventional storytelling or a script, they
   are often non-linear, fragmentary and rely upon the viewer to lend
   cohesion and continuity. Gaps are not omissions, but rather
   choreographed spaces for projection, induced memories, and public
   participation. In other words, these artists not only test narrative as
   a variable form, but also expand the notion of spectatorship.
   Confirmed Speakers:
   Rick Prelinger is an archivist, writer and filmmaker.  He is best known
   as the founder of the Prelinger Archives, a collection of over 60,000
   educational, industrial, and sponsored films acquired by the Library of
   Congress in 2002.  His recent work, No More Road Trips? is a
   live-performance, interactive film presentation culled from home movies
   of American car trips and family vacations spanning the 20th century.
   Like most of his 8mm and Super 8mm source material, Road Trips has no
   sound:  the audience provide real-time audio commentary.
   Pablo Sigg is a filmmaker and writer based in Mexico City. He has
   exhibited in venues such as the Museum of the Center for Curatorial
   Studies, BARD College, Museo de Arte Contempor??nea de Vigo, and Lule??
   Art Biennial . He is also author of the books Zarathustra. Estudios
   nietzscheanos, Georges Bataille: Meditaciones nietzscheanas, and editor
   of Microhistorias y macromundos 2  and together with Tommy Simoens, Luc
   Tuymans. Is it Safe? (Phaidon Press).  In 2013, his first American solo
   exhibition, ???The Swedenborg Room??? researched the cinematographic
   space as a utopian space. 
   Keith Sanborn is a media artist and theorist based in New York. His
   theoretical work has featured in a range of publications such as
   Artforum, and books to catalogues published by MoMA, Exit Art, and the
   San Francisco Cinematheque.  His projects have been selected for major
   surveys, including the Whitney Biennial, and festivals such as OVNI, and
   the Toronto International Film Festival. His single channel and
   installation works focus primarily on the re-contextualization and
   transformation of pre-existing images.

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