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Re: <nettime> The Californian Reality (from: New Geography)
martha rosler on Tue, 21 Jan 2014 23:49:12 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> The Californian Reality (from: New Geography)

yes,keith, brian, javier,,,,

-Hollywood started in Edison, NJ, and Astoria, Queens. (But full
industrialization happened as you describe, out west.)

The crushing of unionism is not really traceable to the attack on PATCO,
though it was a signal event in ending the historic compromise of labor
and industry, much like Thatcher's destruction of the miners and
scargill, which did lead to the end of mining  (or anything aside from
financials) as a major industry in UK. But note that PATCO was not
actually a union and supported Reagan's election.

The rebirth of union-like activity, such as it is,  is also in large
measure traceable to movements in low-wage servce industries like
Justice for Janitors in Cal.

Brian, thanks for reminding us that California is home of the
military-industrial-educational complex.


- unless I am reading something incorrectly in my haste, Kotkin links
  the real-estate booms to liberals? H AHAAAA

-And doesn't link the destruction of Caliifornia education K
throughgrad, and the decline of state infrastructure spending, to Howard
Jarvis and his Prop 13? And the rule of the state by Reagan, Deukmejian
et al in the 80s?

-his memes are so distorted it would require a full-length rebuttal to
his framing.

-Orange County (he's paid by the Orange County Register & conservative
Chapman college) = Republicanland.

I like the idea of a Surgeon General's warning. (But stay away from the
Daily Beast!)

martha hasty rosler

On Jan 21, 2014, at 1:17 PM, Keith Sanborn <mrzero {AT} panix.com> wrote:

> One detail, which begs others: California was NOT historically the
> birthplace of mass entertainment. That dubious honor belongs to the
> combined forces of NY and NJ. The industry moved west to avoid the grip of
> the motion picture patents trust, for better year round conditions for
> filming outside and in order to better bootleg existing product. I wonder
> how many other details are incorrect in this essay? Not that the basic
> narrative of stabilizing class divisions and downward mobility is not true.
> The elephants in the room are the breaking of the unions (starting with
> Reagan's breaking of the air-traffic controllers, a blow still being felt
> both as implied threat and lowered safety of air travel in the us) and the
> off-shoring of the jobs in the industries where unions were strongest.

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