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<nettime> Some remarks on the Kremlin's Side in the case of the Krimean
Heiko Recktenwald on Tue, 1 Apr 2014 17:47:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Some remarks on the Kremlin's Side in the case of the Krimean peninsula

Hi, somebody from Hungary broadcasted some article in Foreign Affairs on
the Krimean crisis and
more all over Europe and beyond. On Spectre and on Nettime he linked the
many sympathies for Putin
in Europe, Pussy Riot is megaout in Berlin, to the rise of
"far-right-parties" after the weak performance of
"the womenizer" Hollande (as incredible as incredibility can be).
Hollande is no Chirac with whom this
trick did work. "Why Europe's Far Right Is on the Kremlin's Side".
Whatever the situation in Hungary
may be, all cases are different.

To be on the Kremlin side in the case of the Kremean it is enough 
to notice the reality.Please read Art. 111 of the constitution of the 

And please read the Kosovo-case of the ICJ. There is no need for any
right to a sesession, it must only happen and may not be an act of
agression. But in civil war all sides can have friends and the friends
of Kiew were present only on paper. The constition of the Ukraine does
not matter in Public International Law anyway.

Putin just couldnt resist to take the present that was offerend to him.
And please notice that the Krimean was under military occupation all the
time, 25.000 troops were the limit which is far beyond the personal
neccessary for the protection of the naval bases. Not to mention the
context of the transfer of the Krimean to Ukraine, that was not much
more than paper as well.

Best, H.

Am 29.03.2014 15:06, schrieb Janos Sugar:

> European parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for the end of
> May, are expected to result in a strong showing for the far right.
> Brussels strategists worry that 20 percent of members of the new
> European parliament could be affiliated with parties that wish to
> abolish the EU, double the current number.
> http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/141067/mitchell-a-orenstein/putins-western-allies
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