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Re: <nettime> Will your insurance company subsidize your quantified self
Wolfie Christl on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 21:50:48 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Will your insurance company subsidize your quantified self?

On 14.04.2014 09:58, Felix Stalder wrote:

> [Is there a difference between subsidizing those who do and
> penalizing whose who don't? Felix]

Felix, you're thinking in the wrong direction. This guy has got it

"Quantified Self is not the destination; it is a tool in our journey
to know thyself and it is a platform upon which transcendent
technologies can be discovered. [...] Health 2.0: Healthcare is
changing. Today’s environment is reactive: you feel ill, then you see
a doctor. The Health 2.0 movement is pushing for a more proactive
approach by using available technology to personalize care, increase
collaboration, and empower consumers to monitor their own health. Data
collected from Quantified Self devices will play an integral role in
this transformation. To empower consumers, more intelligent tools
are needed to make sense of our health data. More importantly, the
data needs to educate consumers and change their behavior. To do so,
behavioral sciences and psychology will be increasingly important."


..."know thyself", "empower", "educate", "change behavior".

"He calls it the incentive plan"



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