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<nettime> FYI Hacking EU Parliament: #FalcianiVsJuncker
Simona Levi on Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:16:42 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> FYI Hacking EU Parliament: #FalcianiVsJuncker


For the corrupt elites that govern us, the candidate of the Citizens’ Network Party X Hervé Falciani poses a threat as big as Juncker, and the Troika and its policies, are to us, the people, the citizens.

The European PP (the major group in the European Parliament), has proposed Jean-Claude Juncker to be its candidate for president of the European Comission. He governed Luxemburg for 18 years like a tax haven and had to resign for spying on the Luxemburg parliament. He has also been Governor of the World Bank and was president of the Eurogroup. He was also proposed as Governor of the International Monetary Fund and the Central European Bank.

Juncker IS the Troika. He is Merkel’s candidate and he is being supported, of course, by Rajoy. Juncker is “the market”. He is austerity and impunity.

Falciani was an anonymous citizen until he abandoned his position as a systems engineer in a Swiss bank, taking with him data about tax evasion of 130,000 large fortunes. Today, Falcini lives under witness protection because his life is at risk. His information is known as the Falciani list and it is much more than a list of names of great tax evaders. It is a monumental set of data that Falcini collected thoroughly for years and that prove to the citizens the scam that the political and the financial class have played by systematically avoiding tax payment combined with total impunity. Tax fraud unveiled by Falciani represents 2.5% of the Gross Domestic Product of the European area: 300 000 million Euros.

Falciani´s work has allowed to recover many billions for the American and French tax authorities, and several hundreds to the Spanish Hacienda and to proceed with corruption causes such as the Gürtel case in Spain. But this is only the beginning. Falciani has proved us that, besided a moral, social and political problem; corruption is a technical problem that can be solved. The corruption of those that govern us needs a constant flow of briefcases filled with money, and that leaves a trace. You don’t need much money to follow the trail of a lot of money.

We can fight back. For the corrupt élites that govern us, the candidate of the Citizen Network Party X Hervé Falciani poses a threat as big as Juncker, and the Troika and its policies, are to us, the people, the citizens. This battle goes beyond the electoral framework. We call all the citizens to join in the fight for a Europe that is more democratic and just against the impunity of the elites.
Printed, Falciani list could fill a freight train. We want the next stop of that train to be the European Parliament.

More infos about the guerrilla comunication group called X Party:

This project start from an idea to adapt Network philosophy to action.
Here my staring text about it:

Then to hack institutions vía citizens' organization -> via methodology.

Then a party anti-party:

Then european election. Here me explaining it in OWS:

And working with Flaciani in other things about corruption and deciding that it would be
great if he and his knowledge could go to the EU parliament. It would be a great MindFuck
, if you don't mind the word .

Here the story 
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