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<nettime> "Here's what's trending on Twitter this week."
nettime's_little_birdie on Sun, 27 Apr 2014 17:40:10 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> "Here's what's trending on Twitter this week."

Here's what's trending on Twitter this week.

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monoskop  {AT} monoskop
10GB English language archive of  {AT} marxists_org happens to contain the
MECW as well 


full English language archive (download torrent) - thepiratebay.se

Download Marxists.org - full English language archive torrent or any
other torrent from the Other Other. Direct download via magnet link.

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An uncertain commons  {AT} uncertaincommon
Miranda Joseph, Theorizing Debt for Social Change, review of
 {AT} davidgraeber *Debt* http://t.co/B8y4TFrubM

Theorizing debt for social change - ephemerajournal.org
Graeber, D. (2011) Debt: The first 5000 years. Melville House
Publishing: New York. (HB, pp.534, US$22.00, ISBN 9781933633862) David
Graeber's 2011 book, Debt: The first 5000 years, has received a great
deal of...

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David Graeber  {AT} davidgraeber
here's me debating Piketty back in the fall: 

Un dialogue Piketty-Graeber : comment sortir de la dette - cadtm.org
A l'occasion de la sortie de deux livres importants, Dette 5000 ans
d'histoire et Le Capital au XXI??me si??cle, Mediapart a eu l'heureuse
idée (...)

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monoskop  {AT} monoskop
The monumental 5,000-pp History of Cartography is freely available
online from U Chicago Press 

History of Cartography: Volumes One, Two, and Three - press.uchicago.edu
A website for free access to the History of Cartography, Volumes One,
Two, and Three, in PDF format.

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Stop The Wars  {AT} sickjew
Jury explicitly ruled out terrorism in the case, but the judge brought
in all the standard post-9/11 rhetoric to justify #NATO3's sentence.

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J  {AT} piercepenniless
Absolutely inexcusable for Lawrence &amp; Wishart to force Marxist
Internet Archive to take down MECW. Parasites!

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Cheryl Llera  {AT} catmidnite
 {AT} RebelCapitalist  {AT} OccupyChicago  {AT} rummanahussain Meanwhile war criminal 
#NATO is free to bomb and invade countries at will


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