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<nettime> Act Up-Paris sued for slander
nettime's_gran_fury on Mon, 2 Jun 2014 23:54:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Act Up-Paris sued for slander


ACTA : Act Up-Paris sued for slander

Help us !
publiƩ en ligne : 29 May 2014
Act Up-Paris is being sued by two former civil servants of the Ministry
of Economy resenting the fact that they have been named in a press
release denouncing in particular the opacity of the negociations towards
the ACTA treaty and warning it might have dire consequences on the
accessibility to treatments against HIV in poorer countries. We appeal
to all those who have demonstrated their opposition to this treaty to
support us financially.

This lawsuit is a threat to the very survival of the association, which
is now facing harsh financial difficulties. Beyond our organization and
the struggle against the AIDS epidemics, our loosing this trial would
also have dire consequences for all citizens and organizations that will
later denounce equivalent treatises.

Two years ago, you were taking part to the struggle against ACTA, this
international agreement which, had it been signed, would have harshly
restrained our rights and fundamental liberties, in particular as far as
access to medicines, the neutrality of Internet and open software are
concerned. Today we appeal to your solidarity. To support us in this
trial is to defend the right of civil society to launch alerts against
threats, to denounce international agreements being negotiated without
citizen control and to question the responsibility of civil servants led
to counsel our political decision-makers without their having full
knowledge of what is at stakes with these treatises.

For any question please contact : international[ {AT} ]actupparis.org

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