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<nettime> through google glasses
chr on Fri, 13 Jun 2014 04:58:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> through google glasses

sorry for X posting!

hello, i'm christian, i am doing an artistic research  {AT}  the moment with
the subject Âdistance through imagesÂ
that means,
i say
(oh and i have also to say: sorry for my bad english i'm not used to
writing in english)
and what Maurice Merleau-Ponty once said is:

"everything which i see - is in principle within my range, at least
within the range of my sight - and is therefore noted on the map of Âi canÂ"

and i am really happy that i found these words once, cause they describe
it much better than i could ever do.
the whole research is based on this sentence, and i have been working
for years on it, on this thesis, and i work and write in form of essays
in different fields,
over surveillance studies / societies of control
over GUI's,
over Interpreter (geeqie, vim, vlc, etc. i think u know what i mean...or?)
over âtimeâ and how our perception of time changed through cybernetics &
through tick tack and how f. ex. farmers found their own ways to fight
against it?
over human as data (especially in the 3.rich)
over my-toilet-room_as-a-multimedia-spectacle or
over angry adobe critics (the adobe suite, the fucking opposite of good
old UNIX-philosophy, the fucking opposite of finding my own, me as
artist, me as a citizen, finding my own way of aesthetics, of
expression, of communication through images, the fucking opposite of a
cultural process but an standing image of.)
& over & over

my main interest in this research is
the perception of daily life, our daily life, how we see the world in
our daily life and through this seeing-the-world, how we see
so if i say that:
me personally, if i see a great danger in the upcoming of google glass
in society, much  more danger then from private-market
controlled&developed image-manipulating-software and i see this danger
not just about the
surveillance-of-daily-life-from-my-counterparts/friends but also
and if i think on the words of Merleau-Ponty,
also the distance to my counterpart. if i do not decide anymore to lower
my head to watch at a virtualized world but have it directly in my daily

short intermezzo:
just one hour ago, on my way to the institute (the institute i'm in, as
a student, is the institute of art_in_context) i missed my bus here in
berlin, the bus i normally take, so i took another one. it was, for my
surprise, an very old one, one from the eighties so i said hello to the
bus driver, took my seat, the seat was like a sofa, so i was sitting
there and watching out of the window. before the next bus-stop, i heard
a voice saying:
"NÃchste Haltestelle ist der Theodor-Heuss Platz, dort kÃnnt ihr
umsteigen in die U2, Richtung Pankow und in die Busse (i have forgot the
numbers he said"
what the fuck, i thought.
it is a human being who is talking to me!?!
and he was talking to me in words. and in whole sentences. and he moved
his mouth while talking to me.

do you understand a little bit what i am trying to say?

me personally, i'm afraid to loose completely the (in german we say: den
draht zur welt (not to mix up mit Fassbinder's Welt am Draht ^_*)) i'm
afraid of.

ok, so thats my personal fear and i will not bother you with this...
if you think it is stupid, maybe you are right...
...me i see a whole tradition of this fear.

i wanted to ask you,
one of you
is interested on working/writing with me together on this subject
and/or if
one of you
have already had experience with google glass and likes to share it with
and/or if
one of you
based in berlin have google glasses to share with me/us that i/we also
can make my/our own experience with it? cause of course, i'm writing
about...but, like Rolf Dieter Brinkmann said once in his poem Âa poemÂ:

Hier steht ein Gedicht ohne einen Helden.
In diesem Gedicht gibts keine BÃume. Kein Zimmer
zum Hineingehen und Schlafen ist hier in dem
Gedicht. Keine Farbe kannst du in diesem

Gedicht hier sehen. Keine GefÃhle sind
in dem Gedicht. Nichts ist in diesem Gedicht
hier zum Anfassen. Es gibt keine GerÃche hier in
diesem Gedicht....

i need experience with it, and for this reason, i say, yes of course,
everybody needs to have  {AT}  least for once, some fucking google glasses
between his eyes and the world!
to see the distance through
and not the...(thank you Mr. Fernando Pessoa)
...but also like i said already before,
it was never on my nose,
...only words

i wanna stop now, and hopefully some of you can help me out a little, to
make this research not alone and not without experience.

thank you all in advance
in hope, i did not stole your ÂtimeÂ

have a nice evening
greets from berlin

p.s. if u wanna contact me
in private
you will find the key for my e-mail adress:
chr [at] noparts (dot) org
here: http://keys.gnupg.net/pks/lookup?op=vindex&search=0x69A54224

and if you wanna know who am i, or better said: what am i doing the
whole day long if i do not write long e-mails,
take a look here:

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