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<nettime> ArtLeaks Gazette No.2 : (An)Other Art World(s)? Imagination Be
Corina L. Apostol on Thu, 19 Jun 2014 15:13:53 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> ArtLeaks Gazette No.2 : (An)Other Art World(s)? Imagination Beyond Fiction now online!


We are very happy to announce the release of our latest issue of the
ArtLeaks Gazette. Entitled (An)Other Art World(s)? Imagination Beyond

While in our previous issue we sought to bring awareness of the challenges
and obstacles of the contemporary art system as a initial, necessary first
step in enacting meaningful transformations, with this gazette we aim to
move beyond exposure and breaking the silence, towards ways of engagement -
or what does it mean to be agents of change in the art world today? What
are the conditions and possibilities of alternative art worlds? How can we
engage and use our imagination, avoiding, at the same time, the traps of
utopian thinking?

The gazette is freely available to read here:

As a learning tool, this gazette is meant to contribute to the critical
debates around censorship, exploitation and abuse highlighted on our online
archive since 2011. We hope many of you will use it in your own
self-organized schools, seminars, workshops, protest meetings, and join our
community to push these issues even further. We encourage you to share it
widely with your peers that may be interested.

The gazette is also available via print on demand. You can make an order by
sending us an email at:artsleaks {AT} gmail.com

The gazette includes texts by: Corina L. Apostol, Larissa Babij, Daniel
Blochwitz, Joanna Figiel, Noah Fischer with Artur ??mijewski, Vladan Jeremi??
and Rena R??dle, Sean Lowry and Nancy de Freitas, Andrea Pagnes, Heath
Schultz, Andrey Shental

Visual works reproduced in the gazette are by: Assembly for Culture
Ukraine, Roisin Beirne with Clare Breen, Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch,
David Lunney, John Ryan and Tom Watt, Daniel Blochwitz, Department of
Biological Flow, Noah Fischer with Pawel Althamer and Artur ??mijewski,
G.U.L.F. (Global Ultra Luxury Faction), Ellie Harrison, Vladan Jeremi?? and
Rena R??dle, Deana Jovanovi??, Mark Shorter, Occupy Museums (OM), OFSW
(Citizen Forum for Contemporary Arts), Self Organized Seminar (SOS), Iulia
Toma, Winter Holiday Camp

Graphic interventions for this issue: Federico Geller

ArtLeaks Gazette editors: Corina L. Apostol, Vladan Jeremi?? and Raluca

Editing assistance: Jasmina Tumbas

Special thanks also to: Vlad Morariu and Dmitry Vilensky



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