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<nettime> Update of Anti-POSCO Movments
Prashant Paikray on Sat, 4 Oct 2014 15:01:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Update of Anti-POSCO Movments

Dear Friends,

It is time to reassure you that our people are continuing their protest
unabated against the establishment of POSCO steel plant in the
Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha, India. We are determined to continue our
fight till POSCO withdraws the project from our area.

On 20th September 2014, villagers of Dhinkia made unanimous resolution in
their Palli Sabha (legally empowered village council comprising all the
electorates of one or two wards) not to divert their forest land for non-
forest purpose.  We believe our villagers will approve the same resolution
in the forthcoming Gram Sabha which will be held in the month of October,

When we are facing untold sufferings because of pro-POSCO attitude of the
administration and police and we are struggling hard to get out of the
situations as major mainstream parties have decided to remain indifferent
very few people and civil society groups come and express solidarity with
us risking their own life and work.  Our people got a shock when the news
reached the villages that even the supporters and sympathizers of our
struggle have been targeted in some IB report. We believe that this move
through the IB is aiming to keep these people and groups away from us so
that they make unleash more repression and atrocities on us. We strongly
condemn such unethical and undemocratic moves of the state and corporate

Seven years back under veiled threat and false allurements 54 families from
our villages had been taken to a transit camp built by the company. They
suffered a lot in the last 7 years and 42 families out of the 54 now came
back to their housed in the villages on June 7, 2014. We treat this as an
achievement as they have made resolve to strengthen our fight against
POSCO. The PPSS members also have helped them rebuild their damaged
structures and houses.

The Nuagaon gate crisis has been resolved which was created by company
supported goons when they made an attempt to break it resulting in high
tension in the area. However, it was resolved by the dynamic fighters of
the movement who rebuilt the gate. Presently, the Nuagaon villagers are on
a 24 hours duty guarding the check gate against the entry of POSCO and
government officials.

By the call of PPSS, villagers of Polang of Gadakuganga Gram panchauayat
have reoccupied the land and started the restructuring of their betel
vines. In the year 2011, these lands were forcefully occupied by the
Government of Odisha and handed over to POSCO. Recently POSCO has filed
cases against 32 persons in the local police station mostly belonging to
Dhinkia, Nuagaon and Gadakujang Panchayats. Simultaneously the villagers of
 Govindpur started the operation to reoccupy the land and restructure the
betel vines was forcefully occupied by the Government of Odisha in the year
2013 for the Korean company.

We hope, you are aware of  Mr. Juel Oram???s ( Union Minister of Tribal
Affairs) opposition to mining of Khandadhar being targeted by POSCO.  He
said that the Khandadhar should not be handed over to anyone for mining
purpose. Local people are opposing the move, and we have to respect their
sentiments. Khandadhar is a beautiful hill and several perennial streams
are also originating from there. How long his opposition will hold ground
in the cabinet no one knows as the Prime Minister  Mr. Modi is fully with
the corporations and another Modi colleague in the ministry has already
said that POSCO is a necessity for Odisha.

On September 13, 2014, PPSS made a representation before the high level
committees constituted by the Union of Ministry of Environment and Forests
and Climate change at the state capital Bhubaneswar.  The committee was
mandated to review progress of implementation of important acts in the
state. PPSS strongly demanded to withdraw all clearances forest,
environment and CRZ to POSCO and review all the files. PPSS also urged to
send a central level fact- finding team to the area.

Peasants of six blocks of Jagatsinghpur district made a demonstration
before the district collector office against the diversion of water from
agriculture from Hansua River to POSCO. The four parties - CPI, CPI(M),
Forward Bloc and SP - in a joint statement said they would not allow Posco
to use water meant for farmers and used for drinking by the people of
undivided Cuttack district.

The MOU between state government and POSCO has lapsed since July 2010. But
the Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO), a state
government???s agency have acquired 2,772.05 acres of land and handed over to
POSCO. IDCO has invited expression of interest (EoI) to conduct
socio-economic survey for rehabilitation of displaced families affected by
the POSCO project. It may be recalled here that the CAG report of 2012 has
clearly said against IDCO???s middleman ship.

On the occasion of the World Environment Day  observed as Save Khandadhar
Day, a public  meeting was organised by the Khandadhar Suraksha Sangram
Samiti (KSSS)  where thousands of tribal communities including  the
particularly vulnerable tribal groups like Paudi Bhuiyans, gathered at
Budhabhui village of Sundhargarh district. They vowed, taking water in
their hands, to protect Khandadhar and the bounty of nature it endures from
all kind of corporate invasion till their last breath. The head of Paudi
Bhuiyan , Mr.Bilua Naik administered the oath in this regard.  Mr.  Abhaya
Sahoo, Mr. Prafulla samantaray , Mr. Prashant Paikay and other PPSS leaders
addressed the gathering. There is a proposal to organise another public
meeting in the hill up area.

It???s learnt that in the month of July/ august 2014, Industrial corporation
of Odisha ( IDCO) has filed a notice  to the 4 villages of the two
panchayat of Luhunidpuda block in Sundhargarh district.  The IDCO has
noticed for acquiring 100 acres of land for POSCO mining area. Villagers
have reacted to this notice and made a resolution in their Gram Sabha
against the notice and sent it to the concerned authority.

It is not our area alone. Corporations are eying on land, forest and water
in most part of forest rich Odisha. But if we succeed all others will be
inspired to carry on the struggle and if we don???t succeed it will certainly
demoralize all others. We would expect that despite inconveniences caused
to you, you will be extending your support and solidarity with our struggle
and do your role at your own level to strengthen our struggle against the
Korean steel giant.

Kindly circulate this mail widely.

Hoping for support and solidarity

Prashant Paikray

POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti
E-Mail - prashantpaikray {AT} gmail.com
M- 09437571547

Prasant Paikray

Posco Pratirodh Sangram Saiti
Mobile - 9437571547

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