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Re: <nettime> Evgeny Morozov and the Perils of "Highbrow Journalism"
Brian Holmes on Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:53:08 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Evgeny Morozov and the Perils of "Highbrow Journalism"

What I'm wondering is, where is Luther Blissett in all this? Now there's a guy who was interested in the ideas, not the authors. There's a guy (but it was also a girl) who really knew how to plagiarize.

But... But... But... it's dawning on me! We misunderestimated him! Evgeny Morozov is a pseudo! It was Luther all along! Blissettology is not dead!

Geert, take heart. Some real net.critique finally made it - undercover of course - into the New Yorker.


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