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Re: <nettime> Evgeny Morozov and the Perils of "Highbrow Journalism"
John Hopkins on Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:28:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Evgeny Morozov and the Perils of "Highbrow Journalism"

On 19/Oct/14 08:53, David Mandl wrote:
> It seems clear that the New Yorker is no longer home of the best
> fact-checking/copyediting humankind can achieve.

It takes time and energy to impose order on a system. Clearly many many segments 
of the 'developed world' are manifesting the inevitable decrease in the energy 
available to maintain their own order. This is not unrelated to decaying 
bridges, pot-holed roads, a medical system that cannot organize itself to deal 
with emergencies, problems with ones local cable internet provider, etc etc etc. 
Those with money can purchase the extra energy by proxy, the rest are left on a 
downward slide. While I'm sure there are not a few Wall Street types who still 
read the NY'er, it's 'demise' also evidences a shrinking power base in the wider 
social system...

> When they started a blog as a separate entity from the magazine I heard
> writer and editor friends complain about errors all the time. It had very

The complexity of web-publishing versus print may have drained the organizations 
vitality. I just spent two months prepping a small print magazine for a rather 
simple Wordpress deployment. It was a clear example -- they were perfectly 
capable of dealing with their print existence, and were doing quite well with 
that; but the added complexity of a web deployment stretched them to the limits 
-- simply being organized enough to make sure of file naming conventions as 
content migrated from print to web was overwhelming for them...

> Things are bad all over, as the old saying goes.

This is repeated along the slippery slope of Imperial decline...

so it goes.


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