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Re: <nettime> FW: Blogpost: Smart Cities vs. Smart Communities: Enabling
Joseph Rabie on Sun, 9 Nov 2014 16:09:47 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> FW: Blogpost: Smart Cities vs. Smart Communities: Enabling

I disagree that illiteracy is the stumbling block for such a process -
at least in the super-equipped so-called developed world.

The omnipresence of video games, (so called) smart phones, Facebook
and Google result in most people being absolutely familiar with ICT
tools. The problem is that these tools reduce them to the role of
consumers more than anything else.

So what is needed is a political education to get people not only to
capacitate themselves as actors of their social environment, but also
give them the desire to involve themselves with the destiny of their
communities - for the better well-being of all.

Joseph Rabie.

Le 8 nov. 2014 ? 23:24, morlockelloi {AT} yahoo.com a ?crit :

> The problem is more fundamental, but was encountered before:
> literacy.


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