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<nettime> On the recent return of 'acceleration' ideas in relation to tr
Ãrsan Åenalp on Sat, 15 Nov 2014 16:41:18 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> On the recent return of 'acceleration' ideas in relation to transition/rapture 'strategies' from above

Dear net-timers,

I recently did a post on the networked-labour list, and re posted here, of
the Algorithms of Capital, an edited volume, by Matteo pasquinelli. In my
post, joining McKenzie Wark's friendly critique of the 'accelerationist'
revolutionary politics, I provided an alternative proposal for a slow, zen,
calm, mindful bottom up hacking of the 'accelerationism' of the capital. Here
on P2P foundation's blog it was the book of the day (yesterday):

The main idea is, in order to grasp the material, historical and energetic
basis of the 'acceleration' ideology as it formulated by the organic
futurologist of informational capitalist classes; and coded by the
bio-organic developers of informationalists, what we need is a really
massive and working collective intelligence, capable of unchaining the
general intellect globally -before ourselves are being accelerated and
broken by the enemy. Such draft ideology concept founds it's best
expression in the preaches of techno-futurist evangelists of the
Singularity, like archibishop Michoi Kaku's Perfect Capitalism thesis (
 which makes him one of the best candidate as the successor of Peter
Drucker 2.0). Ray Kurzweil''s Singularity is Near (
http://hfg-resources.googlecode.com/files/SingularityIsNear.pdf) an the
other hand can be seen as the 'Das Acceleratzion', from the Capital's point
of view, preparing the elite and sub-elite to enter the worm hole opening
to the era beyond the informational-capitalism. The most often used term in
Kurzweil's book is 'Acceleration'. As Kaku, he is too a protagonist who is
striving to translate the new hegemonic ideological discourse, as basis for
the algorithms of the world as the emergent class might like to realize.
The Google's Singularity University, located in Silicon Valley, which is
landing to Europe too very soon, is one of the key institutions where this
ideology of the emergent informationalist capitalist class fraction is
coded: http://singularityu.org, amd where the new generation bio-organic
intellectuals are programmed as well.

The discussion around the topic is heating up. Here is an interesting and
relevant debate to take place in London: cybernetic socialism -
. In his recent post on the networked labour list, in reply to George Por,
Michel Bauwens gives reference to some material where ideas and practises
on cybernetic-planning-communal cooperative economy-socialism-anarchy can
be rethought and integrated to transformatory and cooperative hacking of
the world as we know it.

Also a very interesting debate has been taking place here:
http://www.publicseminar.org. Where  McKenzie Wark has been making
important contributions. Wark will be talking at Digital Labor conference
this weekend and there might be a live streaming of his session:
http://digitallabor.org/schedule/digital-labor-and-the-anthropocene. At the
same conference I did, with a friend, delivered a presentation of our
collaborative project though which we try to build an organised network of
empowered and empowering projects that share the ambition of writing the
floss algorithms of global emancipation:


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