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<nettime> Polish elections: big advances for urban movement lists.
Patrice Riemens on Tue, 25 Nov 2014 01:35:18 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Polish elections: big advances for urban movement lists.

bwo INURA list/Kacper P.

Dear Inurians,

We are happy to announce that the election outcome (which came in, due to a
vote counting system major break-down, only this Friday) has been pretty
favorable to us. First of all, in one of Poland's regional capitals, Gorzow
Wielkopolski, our candidate for the major won with a landslide 61% of votes
and thus Gorzow will be Poland's very first city where urban movements will
actually rule. Our RTTC group, Ludzie dla Miasta (People for the City),
will have 7 councilmen and councilwomen.

In most of other cities, we scored a two-digit results, and as a
consequence will have members of city councils in 6 cities, and in Warsaw
(where we didn't run for mayor nor for city council but only for district
councils) we will co-govern the key Central District Council with 4 seats
(and the two major parties have 10 and 11 each, so we can choose with whom
we want to form a coalition). In Gdansk and Krakow we got pretty good
results (12% in former and 7% in latter) but no seats (because the
electoral system favors big players) but pundits have already declared that
we are the "third force" in Polish politics besides the liberal Civic
Platform and the conservative Law and Justice. So even in cities where we
nominally "lost" the political situation will never be the same. Also
because, the support for the incumbents in most of major cities have been,
to the surprise of most pundits, very low, and e.g. in Poznan (where we got
only 1 seat) there is a very high chance the incumbent will loose to a
candidate endorsed by urban movements in the second rounds coming Sunday.

Best and thanks to those who endorsed our struggle.


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