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<nettime> Call for Application: Media {AT} McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship - A
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<nettime> Call for Application: Media {AT} McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship - Art,

   *Call for Application: Media {AT} McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship - Art,
   Media and the Public Sphere*

   *Description*: Media {AT} McGill is a hub of interdisciplinary research,
   scholarship and public outreach on issues in media, technology and
   culture, located in the Department of Art History and Communication
   Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. To see the list of
   postdoctoral fellowships, click

   Media {AT} McGill offers Postdoctoral Fellowships to promising scholars
   engaging in media-related research, as defined in Media {AT} McGill's
   mission statement<[2]http://media.mcgill.ca/en/mission>.

   Fellows are provided with a workspace, and are expected to take an
   active role in the research activities and academic life of
   Media {AT} McGill (participation in conferences, seminars, etc.). They may
   also have the possibility of teaching a course within the Department of
   Art History and Communication Studies at McGill.

   *Eligibility*: The Media {AT} McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to both
   national and international scholars who completed their doctoral
   degrees in a university other than McGill no earlier than June 1, 2011.
   Candidates must have received their PhD by May 1, 2015. Fluency in
   English is essential; working knowledge of French is an asset.

   *Value and Duration*: The stipend for the Media {AT} McGill Postdoctoral
   Fellowship is $45,000 CAD for 12 months (this includes a travel
   research stipend) beginning in September 2015.

   *Application Process Deadlines*: Media {AT} McGill will be offering one
   Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2015-2016.

   1. In a cover letter, applicants must stipulate how their research is
   related to Media {AT} McGill's mission
   statement<[3]http://media.mcgill.ca/en/mission> and to Media {AT} McGill's
   2015-16 theme: Art, Media and the Public
   -democracy#2015>.  Applicants should also identify a potential faculty
   supervisor who is a member of
   [5]Media {AT} McGill<http://media.mcgill.ca/en/members> and whose research
   is closely tied to that of the applicant. Please do not contact a
   potential supervisor at this stage.

   The following should be included in all statements of interest and be
   sent in a single pdf (the application will not be accepted otherwise).
   The documents' order follows the list below:

     1.  a cover letter;

     2.  a research proposal (750 words);

     3.  a Curriculum Vitae (maximum 5 pages);

   Deadline: Complete statements of interest should be sent to
   [6]sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca<mailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca> by Friday,
   January 30, 2015 at 5 p.m. E.S.T.

   2. Statements of interest will be reviewed by the Media {AT} McGill
   potential supervisor, and candidates will be notified of results
   shortly after. If successful, applicants will be asked to provide the
   following additional documents:

     1.  official copies of transcripts during graduate studies;

     2.  three letters of recommendation (one of which is by the potential
   Media {AT} McGill faculty supervisor);

     3.  a writing sample (maximum 20 pages).

   *Deadline*: Complete applications should be sent to
   [7]sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca<mailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca>  by
   Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 5 p.m. E.D.T. Applications will be reviewed
   by Media {AT} McGill's Steering Committee, and candidates will be notified
   of results in early May 2015.

   For additional information, please contact
   [8]sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca<mailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca> or visit


   1. http://media.mcgill.ca/en/content/mediamcgill-postdoctoral-fellowships
   2. http://media.mcgill.ca/en/mission
   3. http://media.mcgill.ca/en/mission
   4. http://media.mcgill.ca/en/content/2012-2017-program-media-and-democracy#2015
   5. mailto:Media {AT} McGill%3chttp://media.mcgill.ca/en/members
   6. mailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca%3cmailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca
   7. mailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca%3cmailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca
   8. mailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca%3cmailto:sophie.toupin {AT} mcgill.ca
   9. http://media.mcgill.ca/

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