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Paolo Cirio on Fri, 12 Dec 2014 23:36:46 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Global Direct - Political Philosophy Art - Global Democracy Now

   Press Release Nov./Dec. 2014. NYC.
   Global Direct
   Artwork by Paolo Cirio and currently shown at DOX Prague, Palazzo del
   Governatore Parma and online on Turbulence.org
   With the participation of Carne Ross, Daniele Archibugi, Douglas
   Rushkoff, Jon Lebkowsky, Ethan Zuckerman, Michel Bauwens, David Moore,
   among others.
   The artwork Global Direct is a visionary political philosophy promoting
   global participatory democracy driven by information technology and the
   failure of current primitive political systems.
   To illustrate the conceptual work the artist has drawn a series of
   fifteen organograms for initiating a program for global participatory
   These creative diagrams are informed by research in contemporary and
   emergent forms of democracy which the artist conducted and integrates
   as part of the artwork. Furthermore, the artist promotes Global Direct
   through designing a political poster campaign to popularize its
   Akin to a traditional political campaign, posters are disseminated
   throughout public walls in several cities and consistently feature the
   campaignâs political symbol beside each slogan. In the poster, a clear
   sky visually represents a bright future full of new possibilities above
   the clouds.
   Global Direct researches in pursuit of a new advanced version of
   democracy, where everyone can take part in local and global governance,
   justice, and economy. For this new political civilization, Global
   Direct aims to inspire new protocols, procedures, and policies that can
   cope with the social complexity, crises, and speed of contemporary
   life. These issues are addressed in the artistâs theoretical essay.
   Combining multiple voices and ideas about alternative modes of advanced
   participatory and global democracy, the documentation on the website
   includes academic publications, links to organizations, and articles
   that influenced the creation of the project.
   As part of its documentary component, the artist produced over ten
   video statements by visionaries close to the ideas promoted by Global
   Direct. The collection of short video statements are available on the
   website, offering a compelling overview of the potentials of an ideal
   The website also presents the artistâs research into social sciences
   for comparing the political structures of several countries, which are
   presented through many charts that diagram different governmental
   functions and features.
   Through this painstaking investigation the artist was able to analyze
   common and specific mechanics of contemporary governance and reassemble
   them with new organograms drawn in order to suggest the creative
   political alternative proposed by the project.
   The fifteen diagrams created for the project are presented via large
   prints as an installation for art galleries. Each print indicates a
   single area of governance and social structure.
   The diagrams are also presented together on the website and distributed
   in printed leaflets as interconnected networks of conceptual maps that
   influence one other in a feedback loop for a fair, self-governing
   global society.
   These diagrams drawn by the artists are the core of the artwork,
   describing the political program of Global Direct, as the ultimate
   utopic vision, directly inspired by the multiple perspectives found
   through research on prevailing political systems, theories, and
   alternative ideas about advanced forms of democracy.
   Global Direct is a 2014 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts,
   Inc. in NY, U.S., for its Turbulence.org website, which is made
   possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.
   Global Direct has been especially supported by DOX Centre for
   Contemporary Art in Prague and Lunatici Cultural A.P.S Association
   through the Municipality of Parma, Italy.
   Decentralization, Participation, Deliberation, Transparency,
   Accountability and Openness in governance, Open Source Governance, Open
   Data, Electronic Voting, Emergent Democracy, Online Consultation.
   Thank you for the attention.
   Paolo Cirio.


   1. http://GlobalDirect.today/
   2. http://GlobalDirect.today/program
   3. http://GlobalDirect.today/campaign
   4. http://GlobalDirect.today/about
   5. http://GlobalDirect.today/today
   6. http://GlobalDirect.today/statements
   7. http://GlobalDirect.today/yesterday
   8. http://paolocirio.net/work/global-direct/#pics
   9. http://globaldirect.today/press/GD-DIAGRAMS-PDF/0_global_direct-networked_governance.pdf
  10. http://paolocirio.net/

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