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<nettime> DailyPaywall.com Hacks major Financial Newspapers and Pays You
Paolo Cirio on Mon, 22 Dec 2014 01:57:44 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> DailyPaywall.com Hacks major Financial Newspapers and Pays You To

   Press Release, December 20th 2014. NYC - London.
   Daily Paywall
   Artist Paolo Cirio has hacked the paywalls of the most influential
   financial newspapers
   - Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and The Economist - breaking
   through their checkpoints every day to liberate over 60,000
   pay-per-view items published over the course of 2014.
   Now, he redistributes this copyrighted content for free and pays
   everyone to read it.
   His paid-to-read schema is a circular economic model in which profit
   generated from huge amounts of pirated content is invested into
   informing and educating the public about institutional crime and
   corruption, while offering rewards to critical journalists.
   With the massive amount of appropriated content, the artist has created
   his own online and printed newspaper called Daily Paywall. He has
   edited 15 issues of his paper covering the main topics of our time. For
   each issue he has selected featured articles which expose major
   economic injustices and contradictions. Readers receive $1 for
   responding correctly to simple questions relating to these articles,
   thereby incentivizing analytical and critical thinking around the
   The Daily Paywall newspaper is distributed on the Internet and in
   printed versions disseminated in undisclosed spots throughout NYC in
   unauthorized racks for free papers. See Daily Paywall newsracks in NYC.
   Beyond advocating the open circulation of knowledge, the project
   proposes a creative economic model designed for social and educational
   aims. The visionary concept behind the artistic performance and these
   socio-economic matters are introduced in his essay.
   Donât miss another recent project by Paolo Cirio, Global Direct, which
   outlines and campaigns for a new creative political philosophy:
   A few shows featuring Paolo Cirio in 2015:
   - Exhibition at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in U.S.
   - Lecture at FutureEverything in Manchester, UK
   - Incubation at NEW INC. studio in NYC
   - Exhibition at Centre Culturel Bellegard in Toulouse, France
   - Solo Show at NOME, contemporary art gallery in Berlin, Germany
   - Exhibition at Apexart gallery in NYC
   - Exhibition at ISEA2015 in Vancouver, Canada
   Current exhibitions with Paolo Cirioâs works:
   - Open Society Foundation in NYC
   - DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague
   - Palazzo del Governatore in Parma
   Thank you.
   Paolo Cirio.


   1. http://DailyPaywall.com/
   2. http://DailyPaywall.com/?/l/about
   3. http://DailyPaywall.com/?/l/issues
   4. http://DailyPaywall.com/?/l/featured
   5. http://paolocirio.net/work/daily-paywall/#pics
   6. http://DailyPaywall.com/?/l/about/#essay
   7. http://GlobalDirect.today/
   8. http://PaoloCirio.net/

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