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<nettime> Frederick Noronha: Twenty years of Goanet, in 20 bullet-points
Patrice Riemens on Sun, 28 Dec 2014 17:33:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Frederick Noronha: Twenty years of Goanet, in 20 bullet-points

From:    Frederick FN Noronha  <fredericknoronha1 {AT} gmail.com>
Date:    Sun, December 28, 2014 00:06


Twenty years of Goanet, in 20 bullet-points

          Be a part of Goa's cyberhistory-in-the-making. In
          its 20th anniversary year, Goanet invites you to
          its annual get-together on Dec 29 (Mon), 2014 at 11
          am at the Xavier Centre of Historical Research,
          Alto Porvorim.  Tea (10.45 am).  Visit to the XCHR.
          Meet the author of *Bloodline Bandra* (Godfrey
          Joseph Pereira).  Caricatures by architect-artist
          Joseph Dias (Dubai/Utorda).  Konkani-Portuguese
          music by Chico Fonseca.  Visit to TSKK (special
          attraction: learn Konkani books).  Encounter books
          by Pantaleao Fernandes.  Share ideas and
          brainstorm.  Etc.  Some present may go for a lunch
          to a nearby restaurant; where all go Dutch.  RSVP
          via email to goanet {AT} goanet.org or SMS 9822122436.

* Spreading free expression; one email at a time.
* Alive (and kicking!) for two decades; driven by volunteer-power!
* Inspired a whole lot of other cyber-networks for Goa (and beyond)
* Building an alternative media, not just in cyberspace.
* Creating writers (some since tapped by the mainstream press too).
* Trying our best to be fair, free and fast.
* Space for all points of view.  19,000+ readers each day.
* Prompt to correct our mistakes; willing to tell 'the other side'.
* Recognising our achievers, building role-models wherever located.
* Goanet's ideas bought into by individuals, groups, the government.
* An early proponent of taking computers to schools in Goa.
* Holding our political class + permanent government accountable.
* Raising diaspora issues back home; raising Goa issues to the diaspora.
* Promoting writing in Goa, books and writing about Goa.
* Resisting electoral manipulation of opinion through cyberspace.
* Building local content and the reading habit.
* Conscious of the need to fight Goan caste, gender, communal, class bias.
* Sounding board for building and sharing Goa-related content, links
* Initiatives like CyberMatrimonials, EventsInGoa, photo+video reports,etc
* Free of advertising control; we do accept ads but can survive w/out.

  Did you benefit in some way from Goanet? Believe in building social
  capital for the wider community and those who need it?  Feel the need to
  create more 'outliers'?  Then keep the wheels of the gift-economy moving.
  Share something you can!  Either in the cyberworld, or real life.  If
  you'd want to start some initiative (online or real-world) discuss it on
  goanet {AT} goanet.org

For Goanet Admin
Frederick Noronha
P +91-832-2409490 M 9822122436 Twitter:  {AT} fn Facebook: fredericknoronha

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