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<nettime> sharing economy as anti-crack capitalism
Orsan on Mon, 19 Jan 2015 19:39:36 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> sharing economy as anti-crack capitalism

   I didn't realize what the hell is this anti-kraak operation, which
   almost become an established new real-(or bubble)estate sector. Was
   wondering if there is any good critics of this anti-crack / anti-squat
   establishment? or any action organized, planned -especially after this
   term become popularized like this? The offense strategy works like the
   good governance (delegitimite, deregulate, and privatize) operations of
   the 80s-90s neoliberalism. Now after the crisis, when we are saying
   there is no more space left for commodification, we see the
   internalization of unused estate -going deep in the city and even
   houses and unused stuff of consumers like derivatives- which was used
   to threaten by the crackers movement, after the first phase -of
   criminalization- completed seems like it is growing into part of the
   sharing economy in Holland. This has made possible to see me this
   better that the entire Sharing Economy hype has an Anti-Crack
   Capitalism to play -feeding into the alienation of poor dirty and
   homeless losers of the crisis and bright peers, who are more peers then
   others, of the may be emerging new stage of capitalism!

   The below link is to the Dutch page, yet there is also En version on
   may be the limit to capital, is not so concrete as we use to think, and
   even the int. space station and recently launched project to take man
   to Mars is about the endless expansion of capital in to micro and macro
   cosmos. So I would argue how good idea would be to accelerate this, and
   realistic in comparison to lets take the state and smash capitalism

   alternative can be a strategically coordinated and collaboratively
   designed, but really genuinely collaboratively designed and implemented
   wiki-actions, taking to its core a master plan of already built base
   structures, super structures, and the new social networked strikes,
   hacks, media actions, leaks, etc. to trigger the final exit from
   capitalist matrix at the right time.


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