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<nettime> Peer producing a commons space with Global Square in Tunis WSF
Orsan on Sun, 15 Feb 2015 00:06:22 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Peer producing a commons space with Global Square in Tunis WSF 2015

   Dear friends,

   Below you will find the registration made for the Global Square to the
   WSF Tunis. Besides we also proposed to have an open and collaborative
   space continuously working during the forum to produce concrete
   proposals to be discussed and presented to the assemblies, which might
   be held in and outside the university campus, in order to work on the
   concrete experience and expertise we have been gaining as grassroots
   commoners, solidarity networkers, activists, peer producers,
   cooperative owners.

   As you will see the Global Square is an open initiative, open to
   anyone's volunteer contribution as well as participation to be built
   and rebuilt, towards, around and beyond social forums. So the space we
   are creating will be self organized and shared one, culturally,
   politically, economically and socially.

   You will also see that the event I proposed and registered, as part of
   the Global Square open space, is drafted as an open process, to be
   modified with the hoped for merges. Thus, it will be finalized with an
   open and collaborative work; all interested individuals, networks,
   collectives are more then welcome to combine efforts and merge with

   The second Networked Labour workshop will also be taking place within
   this broader framework, embedded in this registered event. Hence, in
   order to synergies and cover some commons expenses we might be using
   possible donations to the crowd sourcing and cooperative funding
   campaigns I recently circulated both for for the Networked Labour and
   GNUnion. In case there is not yet any donation, costs will be
   self-covered. Therefore participation is expected from the local groups
   as well as those who came for the WSF, besides this broad online
   participation will be possible.

   Anyone who like to join in the peer production of such a commons space
   within Global Square in WSF Tunis, is more then welcome. Here you can
   find the call for the next Global Square online meeting:

   And below is registration information:

   Global Square registration to WSF:

   Organization :
   Global Square
   Description :
   Our squares are homes to our ideas and aspirations, in them we
   struggle, in them we shout at injustices, in them we share alternatives
   and build dreams. During the World Social Forum 2015 in Tunisia, the ''
   Global Square '' will be open to all those who are fighting in the
   streets for a world more respectful of the human world and the
   environment. Using the ''open space'' methodology, the program (clearly
   indicated on a board during the WSF) will be permanently open to the
   organization of assemblies, workshops, creative activities, sharing of
   knowledge and methodologies, etc. And this space will also encourage
   spontaneous meetings, music and creativity...
   And this is the event registered and will be take place as part of the
   Global Square space:

   Peer to Peer we build a Commons Humanity
   Organization :
   Global Networked Labour Union (GNUnion)
   Description :
   Proposed Format: International Open Preparatory Collaboration [Open
   Deep Dives] + Workshops + Hackathon + General Assembly + Open Follow
   This proposal is about designing a 4 day net-working event as part of
   the Global Square space. Ideally the event will serve as a space for
   rich practical and analytical exchange on which `in progress' work that
   developed openly and systematised collectively in the lead to event.
   So that the prepared work can be transformed into more concrete
   proposals in order to further developm pattern languages, interfaces,
   tools, protocols, perspectives, infrastructures and innovations that
   would allow us to transnationally integrate our modular commons based
   peer prod-using modes and communities -which are active at local and
   national levels- around wider, regional, and global forms of
   cooperative networks.
   The time devoted to the grounded, and face to face work needs to be
   enough both to discuss and explore more concretely and in length on
   possible synergic collaborations between various experiences, and to be
   able to work, in an a hackathon type of environment, and elaborate
   concrete proposals based on the ideas coming out of the exploratory
   The exploratory phase will start as soon as possible -with giving focus
   on the work that has been going already for a while- so way before the
   event take place draft semi-concrete proposals are worked out,
   circulated, and the process is hence opened up. At the end of the
   event, there will be a space in `general assembly' to make decisions,
   or commitments in order to establish the schedule and concrete steps
   will be followed in order to foster effective and real collaboration at
   the regional and global levels.
   Possible Questions to tackle with Exploratory phase before the event
   and during the first 1 day:
   * Governance at each level: what are to protocols and rituals you use
   and share (from specific to universal) / How do you produce, share,
   reproduce, protect the commons / How do you tackle state and state
   apparatus at each level / How do you tackle corporate power at each
   * Modular approach to bring local and national communities/network in
   transnational and trans-level collaboration [through which patterns
   languages and interfaces so that all can function at all levels
   * Global and transnational forms of distributed collaboration for
   realising transitions to commons societies
   Networked Labour workshop / 1 day
   UnSystemicHackaton / 1 day
   * elaborating on the collected ideas
   * working groups assemblies to formulate concrete proposals
   * defining future steps
   * proposals for the WSF assembly of assemblies (GA)
   In global and networked solidarity,

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