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<nettime> Fwd: Global and Networked Solidarity with the Occupied UvA, Th
Ãrsan Åenalp on Mon, 2 Mar 2015 15:50:28 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Fwd: Global and Networked Solidarity with the Occupied UvA, The New University

The head office of the University of Amsterdam is under occupation and
the occupation has become a workshop for building new models

Support and stand in solidarity with this critical and historical
occupation and the resistance of the Dutch and international students,
who are being over exploited in the 'market' while they are programmed
to be exploited more as future labour force. Their resistance and
efforts to build liberated future models at the occupied Maagdenhuis,
the head office of the largest university-industrial complex in the
Netherlands, the sinking last welfare state, deserve massive support
from the academic knowledge workers, as well as unions, labour
activists from around the world.

If you are far to the Spui Straat 12, visit their website: The New
University - http://newuni.nl/

The counter-occupations will be spreading!

Global Networked Labour University / GNUnion

"We are here not only to commonify the disciplinary education and
liberate knowledge commons and the labour of the knowledge workers,
but to turn the model upside down and inside out and replace globally
with emancipatory knowledge production and socialisation apparatus
designed by and for the producing classes."

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