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Re: <nettime> Live broadcast: #Maagdenhuis, occupied UvA
Orsan on Sat, 7 Mar 2015 04:36:01 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Live broadcast: #Maagdenhuis, occupied UvA

> there is really a great mood in the liberated UvA Magdeenhuis and good
> programs being elaborated. Refreshing to see students and teachers
> united, bringing forward quite reasonable claims and having a full
> program of lectures and roundtables every day and night. It seems to me
> that the biggest political driving point is that to have more
> participatory process into the decision making of the school, so far
> excluding (or should we say alienating?) students and teachers from it.

indeed is a very good sprirt, perfect place to meet and produce
something useful these days in the netherlands, may be the benelux
area.. an added onto the liberated spaces that are still needs to be
interstiched tihgter for the survival :)  

trying to share daily program which is becoming very lively and
attractive with increasing participation and spontaneous happenings
built in the space. I would like to request from all to spread the
program online through networks. Tomorrow at 12:00 David Greaber will be
speaking, and there are many new stuff being planned. 

I will be workingin on a small experiemntal p2p analytical and practical
knowledge liberation corner, to be open permenantly during the
occupation. Talked to some people -including the Red Professor- who are
willing to join in the experimental co-teaching and learning
circles/asseblies to be initiated and faciliated by anyone. will be
sending out the instructions for attending online. 

> shamelessly abiding to the socially networked worldwide sensation,
> here an instagram I've spattered on the web of last night during the
> speech of a leader of the movement, the phantomatic "Red Professor" -
> easy with that, just a color hey, no need to mobilize those retiring
> cold-war assets over this one.  https://instagram.com/p/z183MuG0x6/

:) this is a cool and summerizing picture, would like to use it for a
blog post if you would send a copy! 

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