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<nettime> Out now: The Digital Tailspin by Michael Seemann
Geert Lovink on Thu, 12 Mar 2015 19:51:04 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Out now: The Digital Tailspin by Michael Seemann

???the latest internet theory from Berlin, translated from German into
English by INC???

Digital Tailspin: Ten Rules for the Internet After Snowden, by Michael
Seemann, Network Notebooks 09, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam,
2015. ISBN 978-90-822345-8-9.

Translation of the second part of the book Das neue Spiel (Orange Press,
Freiburg, 2014).


Privacy, copyright, classified documents and state secrets, but also
spontaneous network phenomena like flash mobs and hashtag revolutions,
reveal one thing ??? we lost control over the digital world. We
experience a digital tailspin, or as Michael Seemann calls it in this
essay: a loss of control or Kontrollverlust. Data we never knew existed
is finding paths that were not intended and reveals information that we
would never have thought of on our own. 

Traditional institutions and concepts of freedom are threatened by this
digital tailspin. But that doesn???t mean we are lost. A new game
emerges, where a different set of rules applies. To take part, we need
to embrace a new way of thinking and a radical new ethics ??? we need to
search for freedom in completely different places. While the Old Game
depended upon top-down hierarchies and a trust in the protective power
of state justice systems, the New Game asks you to let go of all these
certainties. Strategies to play the game of digital tailspin rely on
flexibility, openness, transparency and what is dubbed
???antifragility???. In Digital Tailspin: Ten Rules for the Internet
After Snowden Michael Seemann examines which strategies are most
appropriate in the New Game and why. 

About the author: Michael Seemann studied Applied Cultural Studies in
L??neburg. Since 2005 he is active on the internet  with various
projects. He founded twitkrit.de and Twitterlesung.de (???reading
Twitter???), organized various events and runs the popular podcast
wir.muessenreden.de. In 2010 he began the blog CTRL-verlust, about the
loss of control over data on the internet. In 2014 he published Das neue
Spiel after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Now he blogs at mspr0.de
and writes for various media like Rolling Stone, TIME online, SPEX,
Spiegel Online, c???t and the DU magazine. He gives lectures on
whistleblowing, privacy, copyright, internet culture and the crisis of
institutions in times of Kontrollverlust.

Colophon: Network Notebooks editors: Geert Lovink and Miriam Rasch.
Design: Medamo, Rotterdam http://www.medamo.nl. EPUB developer: Andr??
Castro. Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. Supported
by: Amsterdam Creative Industries Publishing, University of Applied
Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam), and Stichting  Democratie en Media.

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