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Re: <nettime> Reframing the Creative Question
John Hopkins on Thu, 19 Mar 2015 19:30:56 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Reframing the Creative Question

Hallo Allan -

history. Now, to the point, what is disastrous is to see processes of change
simply in economic terms - as a revolt against neoliberal values, social
conditions - the shallow rhetoric of the Labour Party in the UK is a great,
pathetic, example of this. Cultures of resistance, voices of change, a more
expansive social horizon, do not appear, come into being, as a product of
some creative class but emanate from a more nuanced, multi-dimensional
social reality.

I agree that the rhetoric of the market/economics seems to be a panacea that damages potentials of change -- the process would also have to entail embodied, internal change in one's own self as well as change in the momentary, daily, and cumulative life-pathway, way-of-going, way-of-being, way-of-doing. I think that the general politicization of change also works against a more self-controlled and internalized process that I believe is a necessary precursor of widely sustainable social change.

Another pessimistic example is in the area of energy use -- try doing a survey to see who around you has made hard core changes in their life-style that would impact their total energy usage. I find the anecdotal evidence points to the situation that very few people are making substantive changes on that daily level...


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