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John Hopkins on Thu, 9 Apr 2015 13:34:48 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> process

Writing this morning reflection as an slew of F-16C/Ds dog-fight (or joy-ride) in the skies above at a base operational cost of $20K/hour each, completely drowning out the migrating bird sounds ...

Reflecting on the social integration of technology that is 'promoted' by corporate players, there seems to be several discrete steps that are repeated over and over with each 'wave' of technological 'innovation'. As I glanced through http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-32221363 it seemed to go something like this:

(military-industrial) exploratory development of a particular root technology

(military-industrial) deployment of derivitaves of the technology within the 'defense' sector

early adopters just outside the military-industrial (academia and related social areas in direct contact with the military-industrial)

corporate acquisition or simple corporatization of particular derivatives as potential consumer 'goldmines'

hyper-advertising of particular product in targeted trade areas to extend the industrial integration/base

early 'professional' adoption

more widespread hyping/advertising to the broader market

'prosumer' adoption

widespread adoption ('you have to have it')

then, on the side, a few smart/attentive/mindful individuals begin to realize that the 'have to have it' paradigm for particular technology is merely a ruse to ensure mass-adoption of what is essentially a technique for keeping the wider popultion attention-enslaved by said technology. (nobody cares about this fringe 'nettime' phenomena)

the technologies comprise detailed methodologies for tapping the life-time and life-energies of the widest swath of the population to ensure that there is a constant power-base for those in power. they include energy-sapping feedback mechanisms for making sure that the system is not compromised by infiltration of countervailing ideas and processes.

(and it's possible to substitute, cultural-industrial, pharmaco-industrial, bio-tech-industrial, media-entertainment-industrial, and so on, though I personally consider that the entire industrial production complex is ultimately rooted in a certain level of desperate violence that comes from that particular dimension of human nature that demands Darwinian projection of genetic information into the future, perhaps ... )

radio, TV, Internet, drones, bio-tech, over-the-counter drugs, cars, ...

rinse, wash, repeat.

we are Devo.

Dr. John Hopkins, BSc, MFA, PhD
grounded on a granite batholith
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