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<nettime> Feedback..

     [Orig From: "Abu Bakr Adel Thanaa" <abkr {AT} ______.com>]

Assalamu alaikum,

How are you and family? I am Abu Bakr Adel Thanaa, a rebel leader here
in Aleppo Syria, I and my second in command came across some money that
was parked in one of President Bashar Al-Assad's allies house and it is
above $18 million. we have moved the money out of war zone to an
existing legal entity for safe keeping and we are now searching for a
reliable and foreign partner who can partner with us and help to invest
it into a very good stable business until we are through here.

If you are interested and can be of a help kindly get back to us through
this my private Email below, and if you are not ready for the assistance
please and please do not let this be known to the world as this will
bring division among us the rebels. If my English is not too good please
try to understand me and be of kind assistance to us.

Kindly delete this e-mail if it does not suit your personal or business
ethics, as I will gladly appreciate. contact me through my private
e-mail( abu.bakrr677 {AT} _____.com )

Best Regards
Abu Bakr

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