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<nettime> Appropriating Technology for Societal Change: Surveillance & C
Johan Söderberg on Mon, 8 Jun 2015 00:13:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Appropriating Technology for Societal Change: Surveillance & Crypto,

   The study circle #6, "Appropriating Technology for Societal Change"
   with the subtheme "Surveillance, Cryptography and Alternative
   Internets", is held under the auspice of Nordic Summer University
   (NSU), a nomadic university that can most quickly be described as a
   hybrid between a summer camp, a travelers commune, and an academic
   conference. The aim is to bring together scholars and students from
   different disciplinary backgrounds, activists and practitioners for
   extended discussions under relaxed forms.

   NSU takes place in Druskinikai, Lithuania, 18^th-25^th July.

   Deadline for payment and registration: Wednesday 10^th June.

   Accommodation all inclusive for a week costs 280 euro.

   (scholarships/grants available under certain conditions, price: 100/150

   NSU is not a summer school for PhDs, but attending PhDs are entitled
   2/5 ECTS for attending/presenting a paper).

   Please contact one of the coordinators for circle #6 at the same time
   as you register and pay: johan.soderberg {AT} sts.gu.se or
   gustav.eek {AT} fripost.org

   For information about the NSU summer session:


   Information about the study circle "Appropriating Technology":


   Information on grants for students and low-income participants.


   To register, visit this page http://nsuweb.org/w2014/registration

   For payments, visit this page http://nsuweb.org/w2014/shop/page/2

   Please pass this on if you know anyone that might be interested and not
   on this list.


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