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Re: <nettime> Claire Bishop's Game: Subversive Compliance
Griffis, Ryan on Wed, 24 Jun 2015 13:04:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Claire Bishop's Game: Subversive Compliance

Thanks for sharing these thoughts on Bishop, David.
However, given your critique, the details of which I agree with completely, I’m wondering why you consider her writing worth engaging at all. Honestly, I find it little more than reactionary/disciplinary boundary policing. It’s actually disappointing that someone like Bishop didn’t at least build upon the critical work of someone like Rosalyn Deutsche, who developed a robust feminist critique of public space with/in capitalism in the 1990s.
You are totally correct, IMHO, to pay such close attention to her omissions, which leads me to wonder why not, then, engage with someone like Grant Kester (if you’re looking for an Art World discursive figure)? While he’s certainly no less of a professional who’s staking out scholarly territory, at least he is talking seriously about the kinds of practices that you (rightly) point out are willfully left out by Bishop (Ala Plastica, Temporary Services, Stephen Willats, for example). Not that there aren’t arguments to have with Kester, but at least he’s staked his professional work to collectivity and trans-disciplinarity.
That said, I’d rather read the analysis of many people here (yourself included!) if I’m looking for someone who has something to say about networks, cultures of resistance and technology. Artforum? Not so much.

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