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Re: <nettime> Claire Bishop’s Game: Sub
David Garcia on Thu, 25 Jun 2015 11:01:27 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Claire Bishop’s Game: Sub

   Hi Armin, thanks for the feedback. And thanks for the
   recommendation to read Josephine's Berry's review which I missed.

     David does, to perpetuate this thinking in camps and then once
     more sullenly remark how unfair it is that the art world keeps
     leaving "us" out. I think a bit more self-criticism of the
     digital art scene is overdue.

   I don't remember writing sullenly or otherwise that the two camps
   which Bishop identifies in her Digital Divide essay for Art Forum,
   was unfair. It was not the core issue for me I was more conscerned
   with her use of strategic exclusion to rule out consideration of
   the wider social turn in art and the distorions this gives rise to
   when she deliberately leaves out works that emphasise Transmedia,
   research and intervention for (what seem to me) entirely spurious
   reasons. I simply saw exploration of these strategic omissions of
   Bishop to be an i opportunity for broader illumination. I could
   be wrong (I often am) but it felt like an interesting thought
   experiment.In comparison with this the excluded media arts question
   seems to me a minor issue.

   d a v i d  g a r c i a

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