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<nettime> AprÃs Yanis Varoufakis: As it happend (on June 27th
Alexander Bard on Tue, 30 Jun 2015 15:50:06 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> AprÃs Yanis Varoufakis: As it happend (on June 27th

   Well, we should really listen here to the likes of Stiglitz and
   Krugman. Leftist economist who have been proven repeatedly. Providing
   bad loans is actually not a crime and should not be a crime. It is just
   bad business. And doing bad business is not and should not be criminal.
   What is criminal however is the corruption between politicians and
   their banker friends who use taxpayers' money to prop up banks that
   really should default. So those who are criminally protected in all of
   this are utlimately not the bankers but the bank owners, those
   cornerstones of a capitalist system, the stock owners. Wealthy
   Europeans (many Greeks) with Swiss bank accounts who do not pay taxes
   but use our taxes to cover up their own losses. The guillotiines should
   be moved to Zurich and Geneva and nowhere else.
   A Grexit has at least scared the Eurozone for strictly psychological
   reasons. It is the psychological ripple effect which worries
   capitalists, when their mutual collective cynicism is exposed (learn
   from the Lehman Bros affair 2008-09). But the Greek economy is less
   than 2% of the entire EU economy and the Greek loans relatively modest.
   It is not the money but the psychology which scares capitalists. For
   all the right reasons.
   Which is why I from a strictly from a leftist perspective am all for
   the Grexit and the reintroduction of the drachma in Greece so that
   Greece can become independent (as is Joseph Stiglitz), run its own
   politics and economics, print its own money, recapitalise its own
   banks, and let wealthy German, French and British bank ownders take the
   hit they should taken years ago, for providing fake loans to
   meaningless Mediterranean property speculation in which Greek voters
   had nothing to gain anyway.
   I am actually aghast at supposedly leftist "save the euro" ideas. Why
   should bourgeoise Empire be saved at the cost of radical Independence
   and Democracy? Why???
   And I'm against Alex Tsipras lying and lying and lying. A no on Sunday
   is a definite Grexit. All other leftist parties around Europe are
   screaming this fact to Greek voter today. They ms listen and not buy
   into Tsipras' Putinist postmodern propaganda. The fact that Tsipras
   lies about this fact to his own electorate shows he is no more
   trustworthy than the German and French bankers whose asses DSK and
   Merkel have long tried to save.
   Between these two sides, I refuse to take sides. Loyalty should be with
   the Greek AND European people. Neither with politicians not bankers.
   Best intentions
   Alexander Bard

   2015-06-29 23:42 GMT+01:00 carl guderian <carlg {AT} vermilion-sands.com>:

     On 28 jun 2015, at 19:53, Patrice Riemens wrote:

     > Grüzi mittenand,
     > I was just as surprised as everyone else to that the final nail on the
     > coffin of the 'institutions' phoney line of reasoning was hammered in by
     > none other than Dominique Strauss-Kahn, in what will probably go down as
     > the best political 'Return of the Mommy' performance of the period.
     > http://fr.slideshare.net/DominiqueStraussKahn/150627-tweet-greece
     Oh, this is good:


     "I believe that we need to think different, we need a change in the
     logic, we need a radically new direction to reframe the negotiations
     with Greece."

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