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<nettime> Let's talk about Internet art:
Juana Romero on Wed, 15 Jul 2015 23:48:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Let's talk about Internet art:

   1. How do you define Internet Art?

   2. How do you judge an Internet Art piece?

   3. What is that excites you the most about Internet art?

   4. What do you think is the most important input that Internet art
   brings to the art world today?

   5. How do you curate Internet Art? What do you look for in Internet

   6. Are galleries a thing of the past when we think about Internet Art?

   8. Are online platforms for display a way of institutionalizing
   Internet Art and give this kind of art a legitimization in the art

   9. How is the art world dealing with the fact that net artists are
   jumping the ropes of the art world by showing their art without any
   need of validation? How will this affect your role as a curator?

   10. Who collects Internet Art?

   11. How do you sell Internet art? Do you materialize the idea?

   12. Do you find a difference between traditional artists and Internet
   art artists?

   13. Are Internet art audiences different than museum and galleries
   audiences? If so, do you think is important to form new audiences for
   Internet art?

   14. Are we in the "post-object" era and what does this mean?

   15. Which are your favorite Internet art pieces?

   As part of my research project I am also making an Internet art piece
   of my own that will become part of my dissertation and that will be
   informed by the conversations I have with people about Internet art. If
   anyone would like to have a small talk over Skype about it I would be
   thrill to do it

   I appreciate you reading my e-mail, and I will be looking forward to
   your response.

   Thank you so much.


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