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Re: <nettime> Let's talk about Internet art:
jnm on Thu, 16 Jul 2015 11:13:40 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Let's talk about Internet art:

Le 15/07/15 22:22, Juana Romero a écrit :
    1. How do you define Internet Art?

art can't assume some definition .
But some other first answers to this question were written more than 20 years ago....thousands of texts exists....

    2. How do you judge an Internet Art piece?

no criterium can be applyied on a art work, except internal and personnal sensitivity

    3. What is that excites you the most about Internet art?

Obsolescence of the technologies. All internet artworks rapidly disapear.

    4. What do you think is the most important input that Internet art
    brings to the art world today?

No special input. The "art world" is divided in two worlds: [the market of art ( financial market), 95% of the creation, based on esthetics, "art pompier numérique"] and [digital poetry-raw-vision-freedom-no precise definition possible]

    5. How do you curate Internet Art? What do you look for in Internet

I don't understand the questions.

    6. Are galleries a thing of the past when we think about Internet Art?
Internet IS the gallery

    8. Are online platforms for display a way of institutionalizing
    Internet Art and give this kind of art a legitimization in the art

art don't need institutions, and don't need legitimization

    9. How is the art world dealing with the fact that net artists are
    jumping the ropes of the art world by showing their art without any
    need of validation? How will this affect your role as a curator?

artist or curator, never care about what you call " the art world", or you will produce shit.

    10. Who collects Internet Art?

harddisks and videotapes when you do a screenshot or a recording....

    11. How do you sell Internet art? Do you materialize the idea?

Internet is still free, despite the efforts of GAFAM and co

    12. Do you find a difference between traditional artists and Internet
    art artists?
yes, pockets under the eyes, hemorroids and many other diseases

    13. Are Internet art audiences different than museum and galleries
    audiences? If so, do you think is important to form new audiences for
    Internet art?

Zuckerberg and co would like that all the people in the world are connected to their low-cost, no freedom, anti-web-neutrality shit project ( internet.org). Are some artists able to use this network ?

    14. Are we in the "post-object" era and what does this mean?

any observation of the world show that we enter a post-brain era.

    15. Which are your favorite Internet art pieces?

The noise of a 9600 bauds modem of 1993


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