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Re: <nettime> Hacked Team [getting off-topic...]
dvyng on Mon, 20 Jul 2015 20:37:35 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Hacked Team [getting off-topic...]


> see above. Code is getting everywhere, even the art world is flooded
> by code related themes and technicians nowadays. I stopped doing
> "internet-art" or "computer-art" or net.art already since 10 years,
> this is not interesting anymore really.

Why not interesting anymore? Seems like maybe it's at least as important 
now as it was a decade ago to have more people working with code-related 
themes, especially if they're willing to properly engage with the 
underlying murky politics of the sort that gets discussed on lists such 
as this one.

> The world in 10 years from now
> will be full of coders and I'm not just talking about the "western
> world". Code is thought in schools, there are festivals about code,
> teenagers go to codemotion sort of events like they'd be going to a
> justin bieber concert... and I leave you imagine the consequences of
> this, they go far beyond our topic.

Agree with the above - all of these get-tech-quick schemes for kiddie 
coders are missing the vital ingredient of self-reflexivity, 
particularly the willingness to even begin to explore the 
politics/ethics of software/hardware development (similarly often with 
digital/net/computer/etc art). This fantasy of code being the benchmark 
for 21st child literacy is nonsense when it exists in a space devoid of 
any context beyond a purely info-capitalist economic one, where younger 
kid superstar coders frantically develop yet more apps for $$$s, 
photocall posing with grinning politicians, and thus becoming 
postergirls && boys demonstrating how young people can be 
important/efficient contributors to the national economy. Like Victorian 
Workhouses, but now in The Cloud.*


*too far? ;P

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