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<nettime> Statement from Jeremy Hammond: Suits, Spooks, and Sabu
nettime's pink hat on Fri, 24 Jul 2015 09:48:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Statement from Jeremy Hammond: Suits, Spooks, and Sabu

Suits, Spooks, and Sabu


On June 20, 2015, a tech conference aptly entitled âSuits and Spooksâ
had infamous federal informant and notoriously mediocre hacker Hector
âSabuâ Monsegur speak about âthe rise and fall of Anonymous,â an
organization Sabu has done his best to distance himself from, while
still duping those gullible enough to pony up the cash into paying him
to prattle on endlessly about.

Needless to say, this did not sit well with not only Jeremy, but
anyone with a conscience. After a public campaign was launched against
Suits and Spooks, its founder, Jeffrey Carr, offered space to âan
Anonymous leaderâ who wanted to talk about ârunning ops.â Two Twitter
users, VizFoSho and Flanvel, took him up on his offer. They did this
with both the knowledge of us at FreeJeremy.Net, and with the
intention of not only exposing Hector Monsegur for the fraud he is,
but to also bring a little lulz into a wholly intolerable situation.

In the interest of full transparancy, we are releasing the slides they
used in their talk, along with a statement from Jeremy. While everyone
may not agree with everything they say on their slides, they make some
valid points that we feel should be taken into consideration to anyone
operating under the banner of Anonymous, especially when it comes to
those who would use Anonymous for personal gain.


Statement from Jeremy Hammond

The latest twist of the knife â Sabu returns to the internet in full
PR spin mode to try to clear his name. Heâs done his time â one year
probation â and now heâs back with a vengeance, running his mouth on
twitter, writing lame movie reviews for Daily Dot, and speaking at
conferences; will he be able to re-establish credibility in the community?

Remember how he snitched out all his comrades to the FBI? Apparently
it was all just Fox News propaganda: maybe these steel bars and razor
wire fences that imprison me are also illusions of my mind. But this
shit is real like a bad taste you just canât spit out: Iâm not even
halfway through my federal prison bid while Sabu is chilling in hot
tubs and getting paid speaking gigs. Thereâs no way the FBI could have
caught me if it werenât for Sabuâs cooperation because I didnât make
the same type of amateur mistakes he made: he hacked PBS from his home
IP address, didnât delete log files, was busted, and immediately began
working with the FBI to identify all of his hacker friends so that he
could receive a 5K1 reduced sentence. His cooperation was so
extraordinary that he received a hug from the federal prosecutor and a
personal thanks from Judge Preska, the same judge who gave me the
maximum ten year prison sentence.

Youâd think this disgraced fool would have kept his head down and
disappeared in shame, or at least show some kind of remorse for the
lives heâs damaged. Not Sabu, ever the pompous megalomaniac. Heâs on
Twitter, issuing various denials and rationalizations for his actions,
encouraging people to write folks behind bars, even contacting my
support team attempting to donate money to my commissary account
because âhe knows how hard it isâ.

Heâs also taking bold new steps and speaking at the upcoming Spooks
and Suits NYC conference. Until now, heâs laid low and hasnât made any
planned public appearances: now, for $300, you can hang out with Sabu
and other government agent types like the CIA, NSA, NYPD, etc. Some
big names in national security, so he probably feels safe amongst his
fellow feds and whitehat sellouts to discuss computer crime fighting
strategies. But despite all their credentials and clearances, the
mightiest of US corporations and bureaucracies keep getting hacked
over and over again (and it always brings me great joy hearing about
it). They know that they need, as Jeffrey Carr described, a âbad actor
willing to share first hand infoâ, and Sabu was more than willing to
open his big mouth once again. If theyâre looking for technique, they
are sure to be disappointed: heâs just a pompous liar and fraud with
no skill and a Death Before Dishonor tattoo. Got no clue, got no soul:
guess he really fits in with the rest of the conference organizers.
Remember, even with his extensive cooperation with the FBI and having
trusted access to our internal channels, they were still unable to
prevent attack after attack.

Though he had already been dropped from speaking at the RSA
conference, and Spooks and Suits had to relocate due to the planned
protests, Sabu is still probably intending on speaking at other events
such as DEFCON and Hackers On Planet Earth(HOPE). He once said to me,
âIâll be damned if Iâm ever compared to that faggot Adrian Lamoâ.
Lamo, the former hacker who snitched out Chelsea Manning (currently
doing a 35 year bid for the WikiLeaks revelations), spoke at HOPE
rationalizing his actions by the need for ânational securityâ. Brandon
Darby, who entrapped several activists to prison during the 2008 RNC,
underwent a militant-lefty to right-wing-extremist switch, now
speaking proudly about his decision to cooperate. Sabu, now calling
himself an âex black hatâ, who really has never been about any cause
but himself, is similarly furthering the false standard that it is OK
for a hacker to bend to law enforcement and the US cyber-imperialist

Some say since this megalomaniac craves attention we should just
ignore him, and for the most part this is the probably best course of
action. But itâs not that easy to forgive or forget when youâre still
doing the time. When he is given a platform to spread lies and defend
his cooperation while the folks he sent to prison cannot attend
conferences or communicate without being monitored and censored, he
must be exposed challenged and confronted. We cannot allow future
conferences to think it is safe to invite Sabu to speak, nor can we
allow future hackers who may be busted to think they could pull a
Sabu, snitch out their friends, and expect no repercussions. Reject
the Sabu NSA white hat ideology!

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