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Re: <nettime> Laurie Anderson: Bringing Guantanamo t o Park
John Young on Mon, 5 Oct 2015 15:09:48 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Laurie Anderson: Bringing Guantanamo t o Park

Allah almighty. Another geriatric New Yorker-annointed artist Wei-Weiing
for the Christies sky-high balloonists and obesed, obsessed globalista
galleriests advertising retrospectives for the soon dead and long departed
icons of soft, luxuriated, beautifully displayed protest in pristine spaces
downtown, uptown, midtown, Europe, Asia, Middle East, whereever the
boldest of names are hawked

Gitmo and Park Avenue, ho ho Bonfire of the Vanities, strutting over-sized
in a tony-awarding armory, invoking Honest Abe's slaughtering of hundreds
of thousands, while tapping into the vulture wealth of over-heated markets
fueled by gigantic war, spying and classified research expenditures
for killing, maiming, propagandizing and imprisoning at home and over there

Big Shit couture to curate Big Data for 100-story Tallest and Ugliest.
Broad and Koch, Apple and Microsoft brands plastered and incised
on grand staircases, fountains, donor boards, bragging of Laurie
Anderson-blessed multimedia to con, panhandle, celebrate and
museolog the .0001%'s tax write-offs sanctioned by governments
to gloss their dirty work.

The New Yorker, shilling for aspirants to MacArthurs. The sleaziest
of the most important of oligarch publications gathering at the World
Trade Center Free Markets totem to venality, guarded like precious
metal vaulted in the basement.

Retrospective time for a little 9/11 air traffic at PANYNJ.

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