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<nettime> DIGITAL SPRING 2016 >>ARTIVISM<< open call
marius schebella on Thu, 8 Oct 2015 19:23:35 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> DIGITAL SPRING 2016 >>ARTIVISM<< open call

DIGITAL SPRING Festival 2016, Salzburg.

In its first edition the Digital Spring festival deals with the
current social relevance of the overlaps between media art and
scientific or socio-political fields in artistic and discursive ways -
âartivismâ. Does theory end in the streets? What can be expressed and
achieved by digital activism? Where are the boundaries of the
(digital) system?

In her book "Digital Activism Decoded" cultural scientist Richelle
Rogers defines digital activism as "the use of digital media in a
collective effort to bring about social or political changes beyond
the established processes of decision making" - in other words: It's
about the civil society's possibilities to achieve social or political
changes by means of digital technology.

In art history the definition of the term "tactical media" traces back
to the nineties of the past century. It describes media art projects
that are able to address and criticize the prevailing political and
economical systems. In such sense for example The Yes Men use net art
and guerilla communication for their subversive activism.

"Hacker, hoaxer, whistleblower" - it's not only the internet
phenomenon "Anonymous" that has numerous faces, it's digital activism
itself. It played a central role in the political changes of the Arab
Spring as well as for the obedience critical, anti-capitalistic
"Occupy Wall Street" movement. With the use of the internet and social
media protest no longer depended on appearing in the classical mass
media to reach publicity and effectiveness - the situationist
do-it-yourself dream, which should compensate the unbearable lightness
of being, became tangible.

we want you!

The first edition of the Digital Spring Festival wants to realize
artistic concepts that deal with democratic deficits, especially
focussing the situation in Austria and Salzburg, respectively. No
matter if the project is about refugee policy, the ban on begging,
right-wing vandalism, the lack of possibilities for asylum seekers on
the job market, obsolete laws, cases of corruption, neglected
environmental standards, discrimination, privileges of the church etc.
- we are looking for non-commercial media art projects that raise the
awareness for socio-political conflict zones and fathom these zones in
innovative artistic forms. The submitted projects can be designed for
one (or more) of the participating (culture) venues, for the public
space and/or the virtual room. The projects should not have been
presented to the public elsewhere before. Depending on their extent
and type the projects will receive financial support from â 300 (min.)
to â 3000 (max.) and assistance in form of premises, (technical)
infrastructure and public relations work.

Deadline: November 1, 2015
to: office {AT} digitalspring.at

Data: project description incl. synopsis (max. 500 words), technical
rider, budget plan, artists biographies â overall submission should
not be exceed 10MB!

Production period
December 2015 - March 2016

March 6 to 13, 2016

Cornelia Anhaus: office {AT} digitalspring.at

Digital Spring is a Salzburg based biennial media art festival
organised by ARGEkultur, subnet, Fotohof, Salzburger Kunstverein and
further partners. In its first edition the festival deals with the
topic âArtivismâ (art & activism).

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