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<nettime> October 31: PORNTUBES: Sharing the Explicit
Tatiana Bazzichelli on Tue, 27 Oct 2015 18:36:10 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> October 31: PORNTUBES: Sharing the Explicit

# PORNTUBES: Sharing the Explicit

Fifth event of the Disruption Network Lab, directed by Tatiana
Bazzichelli, in cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien.

Location: Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
Schedule: 31 of October 2015 (17.00-21.00). In English language.
Partner Event: KitKatClub Berlin, KÃpenicker StraÃe 76 - 10179
Berlin-Mitte (from 23.00).
Admission: 5 Euro
Details: http://www.disruptionlab.org/porntubes
In collaboration with the PornFilmFestival Berlin
(www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de) and KitKatClub Berlin

Carmen Rivera (Mistress and Fetish-SM-performer, DE), Sascha Schoonen
(CEO, PiggyBankGirls, DE), Nishant Shah (researcher on digital politics
and sexual identities, IN), Liad Hussein Kantorowicz (performer,
activist and spokesperson for sexworkers' rights, Peers bei Hydra,
IL/DE), PG Macioti (consultant Hydra e.V., board member ICRSE,
x:talkproject, IT/DE), Roy Klabin (documentary film-maker and
investigative reporter, USA), Francesco Warbear Macarone Palmieri
(socio-anthropologist, geographer of sexualities, cultural producer,
IT/DE), Gaia Novati (net activist and researcher on indie porn, IT/DE).

PORNTUBES brings together porn practitioners, porn entrepreneurs and
critical thinkers to discuss about the development of online porn
business, from the "tube sites," YouTube-like repositories of content,
to webcam and crowdsourcing porn.
We reflect on the status of the current porn & erotica industry via the
analysis and presentation of emerging adult-only online platforms. Which
are the new frontiers of online pornography? Are we facing a really
innovative form of business, or is it "business as usual"? Can we
imagine a more sustainable form of online porn business, where sex
workers can empower themselves and their work is less precarious?

In the last few years the practice of pornography has been blended with
the entrepreneurial attitude of developing platforms of content sharing.
Sharing porn in the net follows a long tradition on the fringes of alt
porn and amateur porn, but since the middle 2000s it has been taking
shape through blogs, p2p technologies, platforms of video and photo
sharing, and social networks.

The desires and the needs of two very different categories of people,
those who like commercial pornography or those who like âalternativeâ
pornography, have been merging together by allowing everybody to produce
and consume porn online. The entrepreneurs, porn producers, sex workers,
and a broader community of people, adopt various technologies to express
themselves in the porn online scenario. The use of network platforms has
made easier the act of producing and consuming porn, bringing often the
role of the producer and the consumer at the same level.

But is it true that pornography has become more accessible in the last
few years? Together with the implementation of young and disruptive
business models, with the goal of making pornography more sustainable
and accessible, the industry of free porn online sometimes hides the
odyssey of undercover companies, which make of usersâ interactions their
main form of revenues.

More Information: http://www.disruptionlab.org/porntubes

Tatiana Bazzichelli (Artistic Director and Curator)
Daniela Silvestrin (Curator and Project Manager)
Kim Voss (Production & Social Media) kim(at)disruptionlab.org

A project funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.
In cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien.

Tatiana Bazzichelli // Artistic Director
http://networkingart.eu // http://disruptiv.biz
Twitter:  {AT} disruptberlin //  {AT} t_bazz
PGP: A87C 3637 03ED 1D1C E6FE E828 1F55 2B2F F5A5 C9A0

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