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<nettime> Scenario Planning
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<nettime> Scenario Planning

                              Scenario Planning

      "Effectively dealing with uncertainties and establishing long-term

                       13-14 December 2015 * Dubai UAE
   For the full agenda and trainer profile, please send an email with the
         title SCENARIO PLANNING __  to ______ {AT} ___________.com.sg

    The trainer has experience more than 16 years in Scenario planning and
   a futurist speaker researcher whom is among the top futurist in the
   world, and also one of the top female futurist in the world Master of
   Science in Studies of the Future. Strategic Foresight is a new field of
   knowledge that allows us to find creative ways in the future to
   innovate in the present. In this workshop you will get in touch with
   the most exciting discoveries that the internationally recognized
   futurist Rosa condensed for 2 days, containing information, reflection,
   interaction, reinvention, and action.

   Scenario Planning, also called scenario thinking or scenario analysis,
   is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make
   flexible long-term plans. It is in large part an adaptation and
   generalization of classic methods used by military intelligence.

   SESSION 1: Introduction to Strategic Foresight

   SESSION 2: The New Business Environment

   SESSION 3: Dealing with Uncertainty

   SESSION 4: Alternatives Futures

   SESSION 5: Scenario Development Process: Scanning

   SESSION 6: Choosing Futures

   SESSION 7: Scenario Development Process: IDENTIFYING

   SESSION 8: Scenario Development Process: FORECASTING

   SESSION 9: Scenario Development Process: VISIONING

   SESSION 10: Scenario Development - PLOTTING

   Major Benefits of Attending - You will be able To:

     * IDENTIFY the generated simulation games for policy makers
     * MEASURE and combine known facts about the future
     * LEARN when scenario planning is integrated
     * KNOW what are the factors that may combine in complex ways are
     * UNDERSTAND dynamic scenarios 
     * RECOGNIZE systems thinking approach to scenario development

   For the full agenda and trainer profile, please send an email with the
         title SCENARIO PLANNING __ to ______ {AT} ___________.com.sg

      Kindly send to _______ {AT} gmail.com if you do not receive a reply
                              within 24 hours.

   In-House Training Available

   Let ___________ brings the training to your workplace. __ can bring any
   of its standard courses to you.

   For a complete list of ___________ training courses that can be
   delivered to your employees at your company location, email
   ______ {AT} ___________.com.sg


   The Art of Credit Collection
   26-27 November 2015 * Singapore

   Team Building: How to Inspire your Employees to Excel
   8-9 November 2015 * Dubai UAE

   Effective Public Relation Strategies
   5-6 November 2015 * Singapore

   3 Day MBA Supply Chain Management
   24-26 November 2015 * Dubai UAE

   Warehousing Excellence
   15-16 November 2015 * Dubai, UAE

   Added Value Facilities Management
   29-30 November 2015 * Dubai, UAE

   Recruitment and Retention Strategies
   9-10 December 2015 * Dubai UAE

   Contracts Management of International Construction under FIDIC Contracts
   6-8 December 2015 * Dubai | 27-29 October 2015 * Bahrain

   Land Fleet Management and Operations
   6-8 December 2015 * Dubai UAE

   Finance for Non-Financial Professional
   9-10 December 2015 * Dubai UAE

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