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Re: <nettime> choose-your-own adventure: a brief history of nettime
David Garcia on Wed, 4 Nov 2015 13:39:13 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> choose-your-own adventure: a brief history of nettime

   Great to once again be able to tune in to Brian's imaginative sweep.
   Just to add to Brian's example below important but informal
   collaborations connected to nettime I would definitely add all (except
   edition 1) editions of Next 5 Minutes festivals of Tactical Media.
   Nettime acted like an important additional room in which the issues
   that informed the content of the festival sometimes sourced, debated
   and developed. In the last edition the content development was
   disegregated and developed through Tactical Media labs (TML) in various
   countries. I'll just recall one because it left an interesting legacy
   which still feels potent. Its the NYU TML took place in the heart of
   the city shortly after 9/11 and so of course the and its organisors
   were still reeeling and the planned event had to (in every sense)
   pivot. The result was a so called Virtual Casebook in which many
   regular nettime contributors (and many more who were not) generated a
   series of responces to the attack which, whatever its limitations,
   still represents a collective snapshot of that moment refracted through
   the subjectivities of this community (yes I dare to use the C word). In
   my opinion remains a valuable way to re-connect to that moment. Its
   sill worth re-visiting as a snapshot in time:


     "From the beginning, <nettime> served as an environment for
     experimentation with the new medium and, beyond that, as a
     collaborative platform to prepare publications outside of it."
     In terms of publication, Ted and Felix are firstly talking about the
     "Zentralkomittee" readers that were published in the early days of
     nettime. But there is a more informal and sometimes unacknowledged
     type of collaborative writing that emerges from this kind of list,
     which is also worth some attention. For example, "my" texts on
     cybernetics in the mid-2000s were to a certain degree products of
     list-wide debates, as I usually indicated somewhere in the footnotes
     to the published versions. I also had the great experience of
     launching a collaborative project on the subject of Technopolitics
     through mailing-list exchanges with Armin Medosch and others (that
     project didn't actually start here, but nettime has been the most
     important venue for written debate about those issues). I would be
     curious to know if some others have had interesting experiences with
     this type of informal collaboration?

   David Garcia

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