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Re: <nettime> [NetworkedLabour] NEW FROM VERSO: INVENTING THE FUTURE BY
peter waterman on Sun, 8 Nov 2015 21:47:48 +0100 (CET)

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   'To get echo one of Peter's points, that doesn't change the world. Just
   adds to the spectacle.'
   Did I really say this, about the spectacle?
   Well, if so, I have to say that I still agree with me - not always the
   case after a week or two has passed (or have).
   But it in any case allows me to again express my discomfort with the
   NetworkedLabour list. And it is a discomfort that I cannot quite put my
   finger on (true: I do currently have 'trigger-finger' in my left and
   computer-unnecessary thumb).
   So here's me complaining about NL list as 'spectacular' rather than
   'world-changing'. And just after I myself replaced a link of Orsan's to
   McKWark with the Full Wark!
   I guess that I still think that a list entitled Networked Labour should
   be accessible to and addressed toward networked labourers, or to those
   working with, on, for or about such. And then in such a manner as to
   empower them.
   And, then, that the kind of material and exchanges currently dominating
   NL should be shifted to another and clearly linked twin site. I
   wouldn't want these to be distinguished by Practice/Theory. This in so
   far as I believe that theory is a practice. And that they go together
   'like a horse and carriage'. (Without here bothering about which is
   What about NetworkedLabour1 and NetworkedLabour2? Or, OK,
   NetworkedLabourDoing and NetworkedLabourThinking? Or, well, OK, then
   and despite what I said in the last para, NetworkedLabouring and
   And if there were to be some such distinction, then obviously this is
   not going to be a class one, since I am not only self-evidently
   middle-class but, less-known, of middle-class origin. But I am somewhat
   out of my depth with the High Theory currently dominating NL. And
   cannot imagine, at my age, contributing except marginally to discussion
   And I am pretty damn sure that there are a lot of computerised workers
   and computer activists who feel seriously alienated from NL as it has
   become. Whilst they might have been active or at least surfing at an
   earlier stage or present at the 'founding seminar', TNI, Amsterdam,
   2013 (if I have the year right).

   On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 3:34 PM, Bob Haugen <[1]bob.haugen {AT} gmail.com>

   Dear Orsan,
   I'll comment on your message below in reverse order, starting with the

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